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Antenna Thief

Moody, atmospheric art-pop from Meridian, Miss.. Their plaintive vocals, shimmering guitar lines (and fuzzed-out power chords), and trembling keyboard pads betray the influence of Radiohead, Weezer and Cursive. Fri., The Jinx.


All Walks Of Life is “an elite organization of poets, hip-hop artists, and

performers.” Their goal is to promote and provide self-awareness to people of all ages within the community. Sun., 8 pm, The Sentient Bean - ALL AGES.

Jason Bible

Texas-bred guitarist and singer who throws a few of his own rough-hewn originals in with plenty of rootsy acoustic Americana covers (i.e., Dylan, Springsteen, Petty, etc...). Wed., 9 pm, Fiddler’s Crab House + Thurs., Finnegan’s Wake (Formerly O’Connell’s Irish Pub) - w/Eric Dunn.

Big Shot Shot Down

Noisy and aggressive local emo-core centered around the original songs of guitarist/frontman Jonathan Proctor (late of Savannah cult heroes Bughummer), and anchored by the solid funk/punk backbeat of drummer Lee Loughridge. Fri., The Jinx.


Popular straight-ahead electric blues trio with a rock-solid rhythm section, and an expressive guitarist. Fri., 9 pm, Jazz’d Tapas Bar.

Bottles & Cans

This local gutbucket blues band is gaining a following for their no-frills take on electric houserockin’ music. Thurs., JJ Cagney’s.

Eric Britt

Solo acoustic set from the ambitious and talented frontman/guitarist for local alt.rockers Hazel Virtue. Fri., The Warehouse.

The Chris Chandler Trio

Jazz and standards from a combo led by one of Savannah’s most well-known pianists – who’s released a few indie CDs and toured Russia. Fri., 9 pm, The Mansion on Forsyth Park.

Chuck Courtenay & Bucky Bryant

One half of the Courtenay Brothers joins one half of longtime acoustic duo Bucky & Barry for an evening of soft rock and light country favorites played on acoustic guitar. Wed., The Island Grill (Pt. Wentworth).

Eric Culberson Blues Band

One of the most well-known touring acts based in Savannah, Eric (or EROK as he’s sometimes known) is a dynamic singing guitarist in the vein of Freddie King or Albert Collins. He’s released a couple of well-received albums on the King Snake record label, and is readying a new live CD. Tues. (hosts Open Mic) - Wed., Mercury Lounge + Thurs., Locos Deli & Pub + Fri. - Sat., JJ Cagney’s. *

Drama Queens

This punk quartet from Danville, Va., (the last capital of the Confederacy, or so I’m told) is known for wearing bizarre stage costumes and headgear, some of which are actually made out of Milwaukee’s Best beer cans. They also offer a homemade 3-CD set of over 70 songs, which they claim includes virtually every number they’ve ever played. It costs 7 bucks. Most interesting is their unauthorized tribute to The Rip Offs cult classic punk LP from 1994, Got A Record!. This updated version apes the album art and production value while covering every song in order. The title? Got A Rip Off!, of course…

Sat., The Jinx.


Dueling Pianos

High-energy show by wise-cracking tag-team pianists taking requests from the audience (anything from jazz standards and show tunes to heavy metal anthems). Wed. - Sat., Savannah Smiles.

Eat Mo’ Music

Instrumental funk and soul jazz combo with a growing fanbase. Fri., 9:30 pm Il Pasticcio + Sat., 9 pm, Jazz’d Tapas Bar.*

The Eggrollers

Half-soused Nashville retro-punks offering sophomoric humor mixed with bludgeoning, Ramones-esque 4/4 browbeating. Sat., The Jinx.

The 8-Tracks

Eclectic cover band playing rarely-heard rock, country and soul nuggets from the ‘50s to the present (i.e., Carl Perkins, Badfinger, the Pixies). Fri. - Sat., 10 pm, Fiddler’s Crab House.


Malcolm Holcombe

See Music Interview. Sat., 8 pm, The Sentient Bean - ALL AGES.


The Hazzard County Band feat. The Courtenay Brothers

Full, electric country band (featuring Tim Burke and Charlie Denison) fronted by a popular acoustic duo. They play a mix of covers and originals and made plenty of fans as the opening act for the recent CountryFest at Red Gate Farms. Fri., 9 pm, The Island Grill (Pt. Wentworth) + Sat., 9:30 pm, Tubby’s (Thunderbolt).

The Ignitors

Fun and flashy regional electric blues trio featuring former members Bluesonics members. Their drummer spent several years on the road with Billy Ray Cyrus. They’re a solid and worthwhile addition to the local blues scene. Fri., Spanky’s (Tybee).

Keith & Ross

Acoustic duo (known for their vocals) offering loose, playful renditions of rock, country and jam favorites. Thurs., 10 pm, Fiddler’s Crab House.

Louis Ledford

Singer/songwriter who describes himself asd playing “real gritty roadside Americna folk.” He’s known for a raspy voice, Old-Time-style guitarplaying and witty storyteeling born out of everyday experiences. Thurs., 8 pm, The Sentient Bean.


Liquid Ginger

Extremely popular regional pop-rock act with strong local ties. Their shows find them mixing modern and classic rock covers with material from their 2 indie albums. Fri. - Sat., 9:30 pm, Scandals (Tybee).

The Liverhearts

Up-and-coming Atlanta act whose members are all studying postmodern architecture. This, they say, informs their musical direction. They play angular, slightly deconstructionist post-punk that will strike astute listeners as vaguely reminiscent of Fugazi playing ‘77-era Talking Heads covers. Syncopated and tense guitar and drum lines snake along and occasionally dance nasty with declamatory vocal blurts.

Fri., The Jinx.

Joey Manning

Veteran, sweet-voiced pianist and guitarist playing several decades worth of soft rock and pop favorites. He’s long been considered one of the area’s best “piano men.” Sat. - Sun. + Wed., 7 pm, AJ’s Dockside (Tybee).

The Permanent Tourists

Excellent Hilton Head party band (with a killer rhythm section) playing funk, soul and pop hits from the ‘60s on up (Temptations, Sly Stone, George Benson, Lionel Richie). Fri., 9 pm, The Oyster Bar (Wilmington Island).

The Bobby Ryder Quartet

This veteran vocalist and bandleader is now based in Hilton head, and boasts decades of experience on the touring circuit. He leads his four-piece through a virtual history of Big Band-style jazz with a special emphasis on Sinatra-style crooning. Thurs., 7:30 pm, The Jazz Corner (Hilton Head).

‘Georgia’ Kyle Shiver

Locally-based singer/songwriter with a strong voice, impressive acoustic guitar skills, and a few CD’s worth of soulful folk, and distinctly Southern blues. Fri., 7 pm, AJ’s Dockside Restaurant (Tybee) +Sun., Café Loco (10 pm).

Randy ‘Hatman’ Smith

Solo beach, boogie and blues hits with sequenced backing for a “full band sound.” Fri. - Sat., Stingray’s (Tybee).

Sun Domingo

Atlanta-based modern pop act with a knack for penning Über-catchy songs that come off like a Soutehrn rock-influenced Crowded House or a cross between Jupiter Coyote and The Marvelous 3 doing XTC covers. A strange combination, but their great vocal harmonies and tight musicianship makes it work. Sat., 10 pm, Mercury Lounge.

Too Blue

Electric duo of local singing blues guitarists Jeff Beasley and Ray Lundy (of Bottles & Cans). They play danceable blues, R & B and blues-rock. Fri., Jazz’d Tapas Bar + Sat., The Warehouse.


The Earl Williams Quartet

Hilton Head-based jazz and blues artist whose combo is a regular attraction at this upscale supper club. Wed., 7:30 pm, The Jazz Corner (Hilton Head).

Greg Williams

Solo acoustic show from this prolific and nuanced singer/guitarist, who mixes timeless blues and rock tunes with his own impressive material in the same vein. Mon., JJ cagney’s - Tues., 10 pm, Fiddler’s Crab House.


The Greg Williams Band

Locally-based swampy blues-rock group that incorporates plenty of folk and blues into both originals (penned by their frontman) and covers by everyone from Dylan to Muddy Waters to Lowell George. Fri., 10 pm, Mercury Lounge + Sat., 9 pm, The Oyster Bar (Wilmington Island). w