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Accursed Dawn

The last time I caught these guys, they absolutely blew me away with their frenzied, technical speed-metal and their synchronized hair-slinging. Easily one of the better acts of their type I’ve seen in years. Bring earplugs. Fri., The Jinx.

The Teddy Adams Trio w/Gina René

Local jazz combo led by veteran trombonist and featuring torchy vocalist René. Fri., 6:30 pm, Suzabelle’s.


See Music Feature. Wed., 7 pm, Armstrong Atlantic State University Fine Arts Auditorium + Fri., JJ Cagney’s.

Band In The Park

Entertaining Island-based cover band playing mature, classic rock and R & B (Dylan, Fleetwood Mac, Bonnie Raitt, etc...) with a full, rich sound. Sat., 9 pm, The Oyster Bar (Wilmington Island).


Local over-the-top metalcore act that tours actively, and has quickly earned a devoted following and a serious rep for throwing down. Fri., The Jinx.

The Jeff Beasley Band

Blues-rock trio (with a Cajun twang) led by the guitarist of Two Blue. Fri. - Sat., 10 pm, Mercury Lounge.


Local party band specializing in dance-oriented pop and soul oldies (Motown, Stax, James Brown, etc...). Fri., Fusion/The Monkey Bar.

Boundaries: Soul Movement

An improvisational dance performance by the Soul Movement participants. Later on in the show, the crowd will be encouraged to join in the dancing, and hopefully enjoy the spiritual refreshment that can come from throwing caution to the wind. Fri., 8 pm, The Sentient Bean.


The Doug Carn Quintet

This internationally-known keyboardist was a shining light of the highly-collectable Black Jazz label of the 1970s. His new quintet includes flutist Salah Abdul-Wahid. Sun., 7 pm, Creole Red.

Chris Cook’s Caligula Toga Party

Somewhere between kooky and spooky is where you’ll file this Roman-themed party hosted by local scenester Cook. Now, if he could only ditch this kiddie stuff and throw a Salo potluck... Fri., 10 pm, Venus Di Milo.

Chuck Courtenay

Solo acoustic guitar-based renditions of rock, country and pop hits, from one member of The Courtenay Brothers. Thurs., 6 pm, Pogy’s Bar & Grill (Richmond Hill).

Ding Dongs for Bing Bongs

Over a year ago, local underground video collective Flim-Flam Films released The Tom Hanks Show, a low-rent, DIY compilation of their politically incorrect sketch comedy. Now, they celebrate their latest effort with a DVD screening and release party. Wed., The Jinx.

Jacey Falk

Sassy jazz vocalist who’s collaborated with greats like Ruth Brown, and is known for an easygoing style that draws heavily on audience interaction. Sat., 9 pm, Jazz’d Tapas Bar.


See Music Feature. Sat., The Jinx.

The Hitmen

See Music Feature. Tues. (hosts Open Mic) + Wed. & Sat., Savannah Blues.

The Spec Hosti Band

Local bluegrass quartet that is sometimes billed as The Jimmy Wolling Band in deference to their ace banjoist. Hosti plays a mean mandolin, and the band shifts easily from traditional bluegrass to modern, rock-influenced “Hellgrass”. Wed., The Oyster Bar (Wilmington Island).


A punishing, bellowing hip-hop and metal hybrid from Augusta, fronted by an intense and experienced rapper. Recommended for fans of Sevendust, Nonpoint and Follow For Now (remember them?). Fri. 10 pm, The Gold Club (across the bridge on the way to Hardeeville).

Lil’ Jon & The East Side Boyz

Known as The Kings of Crunk, this superstar hip-hop group is best-known for raunchy club hits like “Get Low” (which shrewdly appropriated George Clinton’s “To the window/To the walls” chant of yore. While the ESB’s official website lists no Savannah date, in the past, this cavernous venue in the warehouse district of Indian Street has brought in nationally-known rap acts without local press, instead advertising solely on the streets. In other words, there’s no guarantee Lil Jon will show – but if the chance he does would mean a lot to you, I’m sure you’ll be lined up and waiting to find out. Thurs., Club OZ (Formerly Equinox).

Liquid Ginger (unplugged)

A rare acoustic performance from the duo of vocalist LG’s Ginger Fawcett and guitarist/keyboardist Rick Betz. Expect stripped-down versions of original modern rock material from their popular local band’s two indie CDs, plus plenty of crowd-pleasing covers. Thurs., 9:30 pm, Bell’s On The River.

The Long Awaited

See Music Feature. Sat., 9:30 pm, Daiquiri Depot (Pooler).

Maurice & Doubleday

This smooth and stylish pop and rock cover band is a regular attraction at this Southside restaurant, and this show marks the establishment’s one-year anniversary. Wed., 7 pm, Go Fish.


See Music Feature. Sun., Locos.

33oy & The Circuit Breakers

Versatile pop cover combo (led by guitarist Roy Swindelle) which utilizes sequenced backing to sound like a full band. Thurs. - Sun., Doc’s Bar (Tybee).


Swaggering, heavy Waycross rock band that pledges allegiance to the early days of Black Sabbath – long before Ozzy Osbourne became a poorly drawn caricature of himself. Fri., The Jinx.


Recent transplant from Florida playing a variety of instruments, who’s said to have a 200-song repertoire of popular tunes from the 1940’s to the present day. Thurs., Fusion/The Monkey Bar.

Gail Thurmond

Low-key and jazzy piano favorites, played and sung with aplomb. Wed.- Mon., Planter’s Tavern (beneath The Olde Pink House Restaurant).

Two Path Road

Locals offering laid-back and freeform takes on country, rock and blues hits. They’re also known for their impressive lead vocals. Featuring the popular acoustic duo of Keith and Ross. Fri., 9 pm, The Oyster Bar (Wilmington Island).

Vermillion X

See Music Feature. Sat., JJ Cagney’s.

The Greg Williams Band

See Music Feature. Sat., JJ Cagney’s.