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Absylom Rising

See Music Feature. Wed. - Sat., Fiddler’s Crab House.


Hardworking local band that offers an energetic and refreshingly not-yet-jadedjaded mixture of punk energy, jam-band versatility and the rhythmic tilt of both reggae and ska music. They’re known for propulsive, danceable numbers with tight vocal harmonies, but they’re known to occasionally throw a few stylistic curveballs at the crowd. Sat., Savannah Blues.

Atlanta Sound Band

See Music Feature. Fri., Hyatt Regency.

The Jeff Beasley Band

See Music Feature. Fri. - Sat., 9 pm, Jazz’d Tapas Bar.

Bottles & Cans

Back after a lengthy hiatus, this local combo is known for raw and passionate takes on roadhouse blues. Thurs., Savannah Blues.

The Boys

See Music Feature. Fri., 9 pm, The Oyster Bar (Wilmington Island).


Eric Britt

Solo acoustic set from the frontman and key songwriter of regional alternative rock band Hazel Virtue. Tues., Fiddler’s Crab House + Wed. (hosts Open Mic) - Thurs., O’Connell’s Irish Pub + Sun., 9 pm, B & D Burgers (Downtown).

Frank Emerson

Beloved Celtic troubadour whose solo acoustic shows have been a mainstay of this River Street pub for years. Wed. - Sun., Kevin Barry’s.

The Noel Friedline Quintet

See Music Feature. Fri., The Jazz Corner (Hilton Head).

Trae Gurley's Sinatra Tribute

Local thespian and singer who sings live to instrumental tracks that replicate Frank’s lush, big band period. Wed., 7 pm, Tango (Tybee) + Thurs., 7:30 pm, Jazz’d Tapas Bar.

The Hitmen

See Music Feature. Tues. (hosts Open Mic) + Fri., Mercury Lounge ??????


Waycross, Georgia rock group mixing covers (i.e., Led Zeppelin & Johnny Cash) with their own original material. Sat., 10 pm, Mercury Lounge.

Liquid Ginger

See Music Feature. Fri., 9 pm, Desoto Hilton.

Joe Nelson’s Old-Time Jam

All string musicians are welcome to join in on old (pre-WWII) Americana tunes at this educational open mic. Mon., 7 pm, The Sentient Bean.

The Park Bench Trio

See Music Feature. Fri., Savannah Blues.


See Music Feature. Fri., 9 pm, Daiquiri Depot (Pooler).

G.E. Perry & James Gay

Perry is a local blues-oriented guitarist of some renown, while Gay is a longtime mouth harp enthusiast who’s been a familiar face at Open Mics around town for years. Together they’re a potent duo. Wed., Fusion/The Monkey Bar.

The Diana Rogers Trio

See Music Feature. Fri., Suzabelle’s.

The Bobby Ryder Quartet

This singer has spent decades on the live jazz circuit. His show includes a variety of swing, blues and jazz numbers that’s heavy on the Sinatra. Thurs., 7:30 pm, The Jazz Corner (Hilton Head).

Sophisticated Swing

See Music Feature. Fri., 9 pm, American Legion Post #135 (1108 Bull St.).


Gail Thurmond

Resplendent takes on piano jazz and show tunes from a true downtown fixture. No visit to Savannah is complete without catching Gail’s fireside show in this cozy basement bar underneath one of our best known eateries. Tues. - Sun., Planters Tavern (below The Olde Pink House).

27he Greg Williams Band

See Music Feature. Fri., Pogy’s Bar & Grill (Richmond Hill).