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One of the most ambitious and driven local underground rock bands of late. They blend punk, ska, reggae and the jam music into a style their own, that’s heavy on in-your-face vocal harmonies, always bouncy and rarely boring. Thurs., Fiddler’s Crab House.


The Back River Ramblers

Local acoustic trio featuring Daryl Wise, “Georgia” Kyle Shiver and Dobie Simmons mixing up country, bluegrass and R & B into something they call “Marsh Grass” music. Thurs., 7 pm, Fannie’s On The Beach (Tybee).


Versatile and well-liked local group offering spirited takes on Texas blues (think SRV), Chicago shuffles and Southeastern swamp music. Fri. - Sat., 10 pm, Mercury Lounge.

Tim Brooks & The Alien Sharecroppers

Internationally-known blues-rock act from Macon, featuring the slide guitar wizardry of the award-winning Duane Allman acolyte Brooks. Sat., Savannah Blues.


The Doug Carn Quintet

This internationally-known keyboardist was one of the shining lights of the highly-collectable Black Jazz label of the 1970s. Since then, his profile has dimmed slightly, but he continues to gig in New York, Florida, Los Angeles and – more recently – Africa. He now returns to Savannah after an extended absence with a standing Sunday night gig at this N’awlin’s-style soul food restaurant with a new quintet that includes flutist Salah Abdul-Wahid. Sun., 7 pm, Creole Red.

Divine Maggies

Both members of this talented acoustic duo (guitarist Danielle Tibedo and violinist Cregan Montague) harmonize vocally with a power and simpatico that echoes their strong personal bond. Now based in Athens, this up-and-coming Maine act is earning raves nationwide for their provocative take on contemporary folk imbued with the verve and nerve of post-punk. critics often gush about the “magic” their gigs conjure up, which is to say, they transport listeners into a space where melancholia can actually be uplifting. Sat., 8 pm, The Sentient Bean.


Fairburn Royals

What a cool band. Precious, fragile indie-pop and minor-key rock from Athens that’s as exuberant and unapologetically earnest as it is vaguely psychedelic. Think Weezer trying practice in your grandmother’s kitchen or Fountains of Wayne playing the grand opening of a Kool-Aid stand. Fri., The Jinx.

The Gitlo Blues Band

High-energy soulful blues band from Brunswick with a full-throated guitarist/frontman and lots of swirling organ. Fri., Savannah Blues.


Halfacre Gunroom

This bittersweet country-rock outfit from Memphis knows when to shut up, and that’s something most scene-swappers can’t figure out to save their lives. At times coming off like dedicated Uncle Tupelo fans, and at other times like they wore out the grooves on their old Jason & The Scorchers’ LPs, they vacillate between the understated observational tearjerk of The Silos, and Alejandro Escovedo on a rocky bender. If you like your twang with distortion and think rhythm guitars sound better with a few bent strings, this is for you. Fri., The Jinx.


Jason Harwell

One of the new breed of Christian singer/songwriters (those who wear their faith comfortably underneath their Old Navy jackets, as opposed to emblazoned on their sleeves), this 25-year-old Athens-based guitarist has distinguished himself from many of his peers by not only forming his own non-profit label for other like-minded souls, but also by looking to brainy modern-rock icons for inspiration. The result is three indie CD’s worth of moody folk-rock that uses The Wallflowers, Tom Petty, David Gray and Matthew Sweet as sonic touchstones, rather than the sappy list of usual suspects most often set upon by true believers out looking for street cred. Fri., 8 pm, The Sentient Bean.

High Velocity

Balls-to-the-wall Southern rock group featuring ex-members of local faves Bounty Hunter. Sat., The Music Box.


Hip-hop Freestyle Night

The Jinx’s twist on Open Mics, with DJ’s D-Frost and Selvis spinning tracks while allowing amateur rappers to show their stuff... Tues., The Jinx.

The Hitmen

Local electric blues band that’s becoming a regular attraction throughout town. Wed., Savannah Blues.


A return engagement for this rock and roll cover band from Waycross (playing everything from Led Zeppelin to Johnny Cash). Fri., JJ Cagney’s.


Louder than loud Baxley dark metal outfit that recently signed to Twin Earth Records. Muy demonÎaco. Sat., The Jinx



New Orleans metal group playing “uncompromising blackened thrash-violence” (coincidentally the catch of the day at most Olive Gardens). Their latest release includes the tender ballad “Why Live When You Can Die.” Why indeed, Mangina. Why indeed. Sat., The Jinx


Eddie Mercer

Local songwriter mixing originals with ballads and dance tunes (R & B, shag, blues and rock) from the ‘50s to the present. Fri. - Sat. Stingray’s (Tybee).


Joe Nelson

Local roots musician who plays a variety of old-time string instruments (like fiddle, mandolin and banjo-uke) and maintains a repertoire of hoary old chestnuts from the days before records slowed way down to just 33 & 1/3. Fri., The Jinx.


Old-Time Music Jam Session

Led by picker Joe Nelson, this jam allows newbies to learn the ropes of mountain string music from the ‘20s and ‘30s. Mon., 7:30 pm, The Sentient Bean.

Kellie Parr

Based in St. Simons Island, this singer/songwriter recently opened for the Indigo Girls. She’s known for a passionate stage presence, and a sweet voice that is often compared to Shawn Colvin’s. She embraces traditional country and hillbilly influences as well as rock music in her acoustic sets, much like Lucinda Williams. Fri., 8 pm, The Sentient Bean.

The Permanent Tourists

Arguably the tightest and most seasoned R & B cover band in the region. Expect lowdown funk grooves (Prince, The Commodores) and sexy baritone vocals (Barry White). Great for an evening of dancing. Fri. - Sat., The Oyster Bar (Wilmington Island).

G.E. Perry

Gordon Perry is a longtime resident and respected guitarist who works in the blues idiom. Fri., Jazz’d Tapas Bar.


Kyle Shiver

“Georgia Kyle” – as he’s also known – was raised in the Southeast, but paid his dues up North, where he busked and played the New England club and coffeehouse circuit. He’s worked with Grammy nominee Shawn Mullins, and mixes a variety of acoustic covers into his original guitar-based sets. Wed., Fiddler’s Crab House.

Randy “Hatman” Smith

Solo guitarist playing popular beach, boogie and blues covers with sequenced backing for “a full band sound.” Wed., 7 pm, Go Fish.

The Speaking Bean Poetry Slam

A monthly event which allows local and regional writers and performers to offer up their latest works. Hosted by noted Atlanta poet/musician Kodac Harrison and local mover and shaker Clinton Powell (of The Spitfire Poetry Group). Thurs., 8 pm, The Sentient Bean.

Gail Thurmond

Downtown fixture at this cozy, basement bar, playing torch songs and jazz standards on piano. Gail has just released her second album, and despite her relatively low profile, she is one of Savannah’s musical treasures. Wed.- Mon., Planter’s Tavern (beneath The Olde Pink House Restaurant).

The John Tisbert Quartet

Local jazz combo led by trumpeter Tisbert, who moved to our area a while back from up North. Sat., 9 pm, Jazz’d Tapas Bar.

Uncle Sam's Medicine Kabinet

Woozy local Americana combo fronted by singer/songwriter Jason Bible. Their all-acoustic format and propensity for Woodstock-era Dylan covers says a lot about where they’re coming from. Thurs., Savannah Blues.

Wayside Riders

Very enjoyable melodic groove-rock act from the Atlanta area, that’s recently added a second drummer. Their mature, disarming vocals add a nice counterpoint to the rumbling Hammond organ tones and solid, Southern soul rhythm section. Sat., JJ Cagney’s.