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Back To School Metal Show

Relentless showcase of up-and-coming (and newbie) metalcore acts from Savannah and the outlying areas, with plenty of  razor-blade-gargling vocals, over-the-top drumming, and furious guitar riffing. Featuring Shy Step Back, Crestfallen Presence, Practically Athens, The Guillotine and Lightweight. This is one of the only dedicated ALL-AGES venues for miles around, and as such, there’s no smoking or alcohol allowed on the premises. For directions to this massive club about 45 min. from downtown, go to Sat., 8 pm, Studio B (Glennville) - ALL-AGES. 


Band In The Park

Tight and experienced Wilmington Island-based classic rock and soul cover group featuring frontwoman Mary Davis, and well-known local guitarist/vocalist Pete Love. Fri., 8 pm, Pogy’s Bar & Grill (Richmond Hill).   


The Jeff Beasley Band

Guitar-based blues, early rock & roll covers, and Cajun-influenced R & B. Fri. - Sat., 10 pm, Mercury Lounge.


Tony Beasley

Local acoustic guitarist who —under the alias Whiskey Dick— usually serves up ribald outlaw country that’s both politically incorrect and at times downright vulgar. For this show, he sheds his stage name to spotlight a trove of rarely heard originals which don’t fit with his WD image. Thurs., 8 pm, The Sentient Bean. 



Recently formed local original rock power trio —led by guitarist and vocalist Bill Sabo (formerly of And Sometimes Why? and Splitfinger)— with a decidedly late-’80s and early ‘90s sound. This show finds them debuting some brand-new material. Sat., 10 pm, The Caledonian. 


Bottles & Cans

Terrific local electric blues band that draws on Nuggets-esque garage rock, Vaudevillian swing, Golden Age C & W, Tom Waits-inspired lunacy, and even early roots reggae. Entertaining and relatively unpredictable. Wed., 10 pm, Savannah Blues + Thurs., 8 pm, The Warehouse + Fri., 9 pm, The Mansion on Forsyth Park + Sat., 8 pm, The Warehouse. 


Chuck & Bucky

Acoustic guitar duo playing rock, pop and country hits. Wed., 7 pm, Driftaway Café (Sandfly) - ALL-AGES + Thurs., 7 pm, Baja Cantina (The Landings). 


Deep Cuts

Local classic rock band that boasts  a wide repertoire of cover tunes (everything from Pink Floyd to CCR) as well as a few originals. Sat., 9 pm, King’s Inn (2729 Skidaway Rd.).  


Drop Dead, Gorgeous,  Eighteen Visions, Bullet For My Valentine

Package tour of ridiculously-coiffed emo and pop-punk acts that should appeal mostly to the Hot Topic crowd, while making most everyone else in the so-called “rock intelligentsia” roll their eyes. Thurs., 8 pm, Monkey Business (Hilton Head).   


 Eat Mo’ Music

Instrumental soul-jazz quintet which enjoys a growing following. Fri., 9 pm, Jazz’d Tapas Bar + Sat., 10 pm, Tantra Lounge (formerly The Monkey Bar). 


The 8-Tracks

Eclectic local cover band featuring members of well-known original acts GAM, Superhorse and Hot Pink Interior. They play a mix of well-known and obscure rock & roll, vintage country and soul music. Fri., 10:30 pm, Murphy’s Law. 


Mattie Fuller

Acoustic singer/songwriter based in Warner Robbins, Ga., who admits to a “hetero man-crush on John Mayer.” It shows in his streamlined and stylized soft (country) rock, that’s equal parts Mayer, Sister Hazel and Brad Paisley. Fri., 7 pm, Monkey Love Dessert Bar (Pooler).  


The Hellblinki Sextet

Augusta-based theatrical cabaret rock act based heavily around the junkyard pirate blues shtick developed by Tom Waits on his classic Swordfishtrombones LP. Despite their derivative nature, they put on a captivating live show, and are a breath of fresh air in the occasionally stale Savannah club scene. Opening quintet The Juan Prophet Organization relocated to middle Tennessee from Louisiana, and have become the hottest Vaudeville-inspired act in that area. They draw on Middle Eastern and Baltic influences, as well as the more typical European gypsy flair. Fri., 10 pm, The Jinx. 


High Velocity

Southern and classic rock and modern country cover tunes. Fri. - Sat., 9 pm, The Red Leg Saloon - formerly Silver Dollar Café.  


The Hungry Nurses

Young, local male/female electronic duo with a self-consciously antagonistic image, and a snarky attitude reminiscent of a more naive and cocky Suicide. Sat., 8 pm, Metro Coffee House - ALL-AGES.


The Luminescent Orchestrii

Romanian gypsy melodies, Argentinian tangos, and balls-to-the-wall klezmer are all dispatched with an equal dose of punk frenzy by this acclaimed, internationally touring NYC polyglot quartet that swears allegiance to everyone from Missy Elliot and The Dead Kennedys to Doc Watson and Nina Simone. This is insane circus music for Jodorowsky nuts, and it’s their first Savannah appearance in 3 years. Tues., 8 pm, The Sentient Bean Coffeehouse. 


The Paul Parr Band

Buzz-worthy regional country songwriter —with a great voice and a crack backing group— who’s rumored to be on the verge of releasing a major-label debut CD. Fri. - Sat., 9 pm, Gilley’s (Hinesville).



Terrific, locally-formed reggae-rock outfit that tours the region, and has amassed quite a loyal and large following while maintaining a relatively low profile. With the nationally-known ska-punk-pop act Rude Buddha. Thurs., 9 pm, Locos Deli & Grill (downtown).  


The Howard Paul Trio

Fantastic 7-string jazz guitarist, who gigs often with such luminaries as Jimmy Bruno and Bucky Pizzarelli. For this regular weekly gig, his able band is usually joined by a surprise guest musician. Mon., 8 pm, The Jazz Corner (Hilton Head). 


Phantom Wingo

Southern rock-tinged jams (a la the Allmans, Panic) with stinging lead guitar and soulful vocals. Sat., 8 pm, Molly MacPherson’s’ Scottish Pub.


Red Eye Jedi

Refreshingly groovy organic jam band featuring a small horn section. Fri., 10 pm, Locos Deli & Pub (downtown). 


‘Georgia Kyle’ Shiver

Solid, acoustic guitarist and singer who honed his own take on folk, country, blues and rock on the Northeastern coffeehouse scene before returning home to the Peach State. Wed., 9 pm, Fiddler’s Crab House + Thurs., 7 pm, AJ’s Dockside (Tybee).


Slick Nickel

Country and Southern rock covers. Fri. - Sat., 9 pm, Red Leg Saloon (formerly The Silver Dollar Café, Hwy 204).  


Slimm Duddy

New, Decatur-based rap artist, who claims to be the first ever rapper to win “a real talent show at Georgia Southern,” promoting his new single and forthcoming indie CD. Wed., Frozen Paradise. 


The Christian Tamburr Quartet w/Kenny Barron

One of the hottest young vibes players on the East Coast welcomes world-famous former Yusef Lateef collaborator Barron (named Best Pianist by the Jazz Journalists Association for the past 4 years!) for a 2-night stand at this intimate supper club. Simply put, this should be one of the finest gigs of its type in all of 2006. Fri. - Sat., 8 pm, The Jazz Corner (Hilton Head). 


The Train Wrecks

Rambunctious roots-rock trio featuring members of regional alt.rockers Hazel Virtue and songwriter Jason Bible. They’re known for lively shows which combine Americana covers with their own catchy originals. Fri., 10 pm, Wild Wing Café + Sat., 10 pm, The Britannia (Wilmington Isl.) + Sun., 6 pm, Dewey’s Dockside + Tues., 7 pm, The Caledonian. 


Adam Traum

California-based folk/blues/rock guitarist and songwriter who’s a member of the famed Traum family of upstate N.Y. (known as seminal figures on the Woodstock area folk scene). He lived for many years in Savannah, so this rare solo acoustic tour stop should bring out many old friends. Fri., 9:30 pm, Murphy’s Law. 


The Twilight Collective

Post-hardcore/singalong pop-punk from Philly. Similar-sounding but slightly more tuneful and slick NYC emo quartet Southcott open. Tues., 10 pm, Guitar Bar.


Greg Williams

Prolific, locally-based guitarist/songwriter who’s released a handful of critically-praised indie CDs. Thurs., 10 pm, B & D Burgers (Southside) + Fri. - Sat., 10 pm, Jen’s & Friends.


Darryl Wise

Established local singer/songwriter (with great vocal chops) who’s known for his stint in the now-defunct Back River Ramblers, and who’s well-versed in the idioms of blues, country, folk and Americana. Sat., 7 pm, North Beach Grill (Tybee).   ƒç