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The Jeff Beasley Band

Old-time rock & roll covers, blues standards, and originals from a talented local singer/guitarist who’s also known as a member of the group Two Blue (or Too Blue, as they were sometimes known). Fri. 9 pm, Mansion on Forsyth Park + Sat., 8 pm, The Warehouse + Mon., 7:30 pm (solo), Murphy’s Law. 

Bottles & Cans

This local combo offers up an energetic and fairly unpredictable mélange of raw Delta-style electric blues and psychedelic garage-rock that’s highly entertaining and geared toward fans of Tom Waits, the Fat Possum record label, and the Nuggets oldies compilations. Featuring a member of acclaimed alternative rock bands GAM and BlackwÜrm. Wed., 10 pm, Savannah Blues + Sat., 9 pm, Mansion on Forsyth Park. 

Chuck & Bucky

This acoustic guitar duo finds up-and-coming local singer Chuck Courtenay collaborating with Bucky Bryant, a longtime fixture on the area’s bar and restaurant scene, who’s noted for his smooth vocal harmonies and fluid fretwork. They tackle a wide variety of laid-back popular rock, country and pop hits. Wed., 7 pm, Driftaway Café (Sandfly). 

Thomas Claxton

Intense, dedicated solo artist who mixes in his own original tunes with classic and modern rock covers sung and played on the acoustic guitar. Wed. & Sun., 7 pm, The Warehouse + Fri. - Sat., 9 pm, The Bayou Café. 

Buddy Corns & The Rock Mob

Straight-ahead rock and blues-rock band (covers and originals) led by a prolific local singer/songwriter. Wed., 7 pm & Sun., 5 pm (solo shows), The Island Grill (Pt. Wentworth) + Fri. - sat., 10:30 pm, The Bayou Café. 

Mary Davis & Co.

Pop, rock and soul cover tunes arranged in a stripped-down mostly acoustic format by members of Wilmington Island cover act Band In The Park. Sat., 7 pm, Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House (Wilmington Isl.). 

Deep Blue 3

Rock solid local trio playing electric blues in a variety of styles, from old standards from the ‘50s and ‘60s to more modern, contemporary tunes. Sat., 9 pm, Pogy’s Bar & Grill (Richmond Hill).

Deep Cuts

Eclectic rock cover band whose repertoire includes an offbeat selection of both hits and album tracks from artists as disparate as Pink Floyd and CCR. Fri., 9 pm, Jukebox Bar & Grill (Richmond Hill). 

DJ KZL’s Kaleidoscope

More like eavesdropping on an announcer’s shift at a freeform FM radio station than catching a dance-oriented set by a club DJ, this weekly event finds Superhorse and Foxedos frontman Keith Kozel spinning a seemingly random selection of vintage (and cutting edge) vinyl and CDs from his collection. It’s one of the most unusual and refreshing DJ nights in town — primarily because it’s virtually impossible to predict what he’ll spin next. You’ll hear ska, dub, punk, soul, indie-rock, glam and electroclash genres, among others. Mon., 10 pm, The Jinx. 

Jackson Evans

Solo jazz guitar set for the brunch crowd at this posh hotel restaurant. Sun., 10:30 am, Mansion on Forsyth Park.  

Trae Gurley’s Swoonatra

Impressive, heartfelt Sinatra tribute from a talented local vocalist and stage actor, who specializes in interpreting performances from ‘Ol Blue Eyes’ big band days. Thurs., 7 pm, Jazz’d Tapas Bar. 

The Hitmen

Local electric blues cover trio (led by Brett “Hitman” Bernard) that eschews subtlety in favor of bombast. Mon. + Tues. (host Open Mic) + Thurs. + Sat., 10 pm, Savannah Blues + Sun., 9 pm, Fiddler’s Crab House.

Barry Johnson

Popular cover tunes sung and played on acoustic guitar by a veteran area player. Wed., Mary’s Seafood & Steakhouse.  


Folky, groove-oriented combo based in St. Simons Island. Sat., 10 pm, Savannah Blues.

Lurid Miscreants

Original metal power trio featuring Brian “Ragman” Dingess. Thurs., 10 pm, Wind Rose Café (Tybee). 

Harry O’Donoghue

Beloved local Celtic troubadour (with several well-received CDs to his name), who boasts an expansive repertoire of both traditional and contemporary Irish tunes, and is proficient on both the acoustic guitar and the bodhran. Wed. - Sun., Kevin Barry’s. 

The Permanent Tourists

One of the top dance-oriented funk, soul and R & B cover bands in the region, known for a super-tight rhythm section and great vocal chops. Fri., 9:30 pm, Tantra Lounge. 

Phantom Wingo

Muscular, improvisational jam-band with a solid foundation in Southern rock and blues that’s a popular favorite in this immediate area. Expect plenty of breathtaking lead guitar solos, and soulful vocals. Fri., 10 pm, Savannah Blues.  


Cover band specializing in ‘80s rock and pop hits. Sat., 10 pm, Locos Deli & Pub (Downtown).  

Brendan Polk & Dave Keller

Local jazz duo featuring young piano prodigy Polk and veteran bassist Keller. Sun., 7 pm, Jazz’d Tapas Bar. 

Savannah Soul Project

Based around the regional combo Red Eye Jedi, this local aggregation of loose and limber rock, funk and hip-hop musicians (including a small horn section) are making minor waves and injecting a new, fresh perspective into the area jam-band scene. Sat., 9:30 pm, Tantra Lounge. 

"Georgia Kyle" Shiver

“Gypsy” guitarist/songwriter who cut his teeth playing blues, folk and country on the Northeastern acoustic music scene. He’s since relocated back to his home state of Georgia, and continued to gig regularly and release new material. Wed., 9 pm, Fiddler’s Crab House. 

Silver Lining

Local jazz trio featuring guitarist Jackson Evans, singing bassist Maggie Evans, and drummer Mark Cordray. They play their own arrangements of standards and a few original compositions. Thurs., 8 pm, Mansion on Forsyth Park + Sat., 9 pm, Jazz’d Tapas Bar.  

Randy “Hatman” Smith

Solo acoustic artist who plays guitar and sings to sequenced backing for a “full band sound” on a variety of rock, pop, soul and beach music hits. Fri. - Sat., 7 pm, Stingray’s (Tybee).

Gail Thurmond

Delightful jazz pianist and vocalist who’s been playing 6 nights a week at this cozy darkwood bar underneath one of Downtown’s favorite fine dining establishments for well over a decade. She’s released a handful of indie CDs over the years, and catching her gigs has become almost a requirement for visitors who hope to seek out one of the few “old Savannah” traditions that has withstood the “Charleston-ification” of the city.  Tues. - Sun., 7 pm, Planter’s Tavern (below The Olde Pink House Restaurant).

The Train Wrecks

Increasingly popular local roadhouse roots-rock quartet featuring singer/songwriter Jason Bible. They mix their own lightweight rave-ups and homespun barnburners with spirited takes on tunes from Dylan, Petty, Young and The Boss. Take note: two different venues are claiming that the band is playing their establishment on Saturday night. Which one’s telling the truth? Who knows? I’d call first to double check... Thurs., 10 pm, Murphy’s Law + Fri., 8 pm, The Warehouse + Sat., 10 pm, The Britannia (Wilmington Isl.)? + Sat., 10 pm, The Jinx? + Sun., 9 pm, Fiddler’s Crab House + Tues., 6 pm, Queeny’s To-Go-Go + 9 pm (hosts Open Mic), Wild Wing Café.  

Turtle Folk

Percussion-heavy locally-based organic jam act blending acoustic rock, folk, and blues. Fri., 10 pm, Locos Deli & Pub (Downtown).  

Wise & Wolling

Duo of veteran acoustic guitarist and singer/songwriter Darryl Wise and ace banjoist Jimmy Wolling (late of The Double Diamond and Lonesome Whistle Bands). Covers and originals. Fri., 9 pm, Fiddler’s Crab House.

Nancy Witt

Solo pianist offering a wide variety of standards, jazz, pop and showtunes. Thurs., Mary’s Seafood & Steakhouse + Fri., Billy’s Place (above McDonough’s).