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Jeff Beasley

Old-time rock & roll covers, blues standards, and originals from a talented local singer/guitarist who’s also known as a member of the group Two Blue (or Too Blue, as they were sometimes known). Sun., 7 pm, Jazz’d Tapas Bar + Mon., 7:30 pm, Murphy’s Law. 

The Blend

Local cover trio offering popular rock and pop covers infused with a Latin flavor, courtesy of acoustic guitarist Samuel Adams. Wed., 9 pm, Bernie’s on River Street.

Bottles & Cans

An energetic and unpredictable mélange of raw Delta-style electric blues and psychedelic garage-rock that’s geared toward fans of Tom Waits, the Fat Possum record label, and the Nuggets oldies compilations. Featuring captivating frontman Ray Lundy. Wed., 10 pm, Savannah blues + Thurs., 9 pm, Fiddler’s Crab House. 


Influenced a “hunch punch” of late ‘80s and ‘90s punk, pop, metal and grunge (i.e., The Offspring, Rancid and Nirvana), this Savannah act formed in high school, but has since relocated to Athens. These days, their local appearances are rare. Wed., Dec. 6, 11 pm, Guitar Bar.  

The Chris Chandler Trio w/Claire Frazier

Pianist Chandler and upright bassist Johnnie Kennedy are joined by noteworthy vocalist Claire Frazier, a former resident of Paris who recently relocated here. She sings in 4 languages, and is said to be a mean Ella Fitzgerald-esque scatter as well. Thurs., 8 pm, Mansion on Forsyth Park.

Thomas Claxton

Intense, dedicated solo acoustic artist (who’s also the frontman for hard rock cover band The Long Awaited) mixing his own original tunes with popular covers. Wed. & Sun., 7 pm, The Warehouse + Fri. - Sat., 9 pm, The Bayou Café.

The Jason Courtenay Band

Southern rock and country covers led by a longtime area guitarist/vocalist. Fri. - Sat., 9 pm, Fiddler’s Crab House.

Courtenay Brothers Band

Country, Southern rock and party covers (and a few originals) fronted by two real-life harmonizing siblings. Thurs., 9 pm, Wild Wing Café.  

Mary Davis & Co.

Pop, rock and soul cover tunes arranged in a stripped-down mostly acoustic format by members of Wilmington Island cover act Band In The Park. Thurs., 7 pm, Baja Cantina (The Landings) + Sat., 8 pm, Mary’s Seafood & Steakhouse. 

Danny Doyle

This acoustic Celtic troubadour is a familiar face at this landmark Irish pub on Historic River Street, and plays extended engagements there several times throughout the year. Wed. - Sun., Kevin Barry’s. 

1st Friday for Folk Music

Monthly, family-oriented acoustic showcase sponsored by The Savannah Folk Music Society. This installment features the area debut of eclectic Fl. bluegrass quartet Valla-Turner-Williamson (whose repertoire draws on trad-grass as well as acoustic jazz fusion), the return of Va.-based songwriter Ron Fetner (who’s a Kerrville Folk Fest Award Winner), and local 12-string guitarist and balladeer Bill Schumann. No charge to enter this smoke and alcohol-free show, but a suggested $2 donation to the SFMS. For more info, call 786-6953. Fri., 7:30 pm, Wesley Monumental United Methodist Church (429 Abercorn St.) - ALL-AGES.   

Flamin’ Yawn

Noteworthy local power trio playing heavy-but-catchy melodic rock. Wed., Dec. 6, midnight, Guitar Bar. 

Eddie Foster

Local karaoke singer-turned original country artist (he cites Tracy Lawrence and Travis Tritt as influences). He recently released a DIY CD of his own tunes backed by members of local alt.rock group Argyle. Thurs., 9 pm, Steamer’s (Georgetown).

High Velocity

Standout classic and Southern rock and modern country cover band. Wed., 9 pm, Gilley’s (Hinesville) + Fri. - Sat., 9 pm, Red Leg Saloon (Hwy 204). 

Ironic Pancakes

Low-fi, self-consciously primitive female-fronted acoustic indie-pop from Southern Ca., that’s both sing-song and clever at the same time. Also appearing: Mandarin Destiny, fellow San Diegoans that sometimes devolve to just a one-man show. Taken together, this double-bill fits perfectly with the self-deprecating, anti-folk mood this venue increasingly caters to. Sun., 9 pm, Metro Coffee House (402, MLK, Jr. Blvd.) - ALL-AGES.  

Jon Doe

Local funk cover band (think Curtis Mayfield, George Clinton, etc...). Mon., 9 pm, Fiddler’s Crab House. 

Barry Johnson

Popular cover tunes sung and played on acoustic guitar by a veteran area player. Wed., Mary’s Seafood & Steakhouse.  


New area rapper who says his rhymes will “fill up your scalp like dandruff.” Furthermore, his flows “are like herpes: once you get it, you got it.” Get it? Thurs., 9:30 pm, Club Ice. 

Liquid Ginger

One of the area’s most popular modern rock bar bands. They mix radio-friendly originals from their indie CDs with covers of well-known rock, pop and party favorites. This is the Grand Opening of a new branch of this regional restaurant. Fri., 9 pm, Bahama Bob’s (Savannah Mall).

Listen 2 Three

New, young local trio citing John Mayer, Phish and the Dave Matthews Band as key influences. They play jangly, lightweight, groove-oriented pop with the occasional psychedelic blues solo. Sat., 9:30 pm, The Britannia (Wilmington Isl.). 

The Alex Lore Trio

Traditional instrumental jazz and swing, led by an up-and-coming Fl.-based trumpeter. Fri., 9 pm, Jazz’d Tapas Bar. 

Lurid Miscreants

Original metal power trio featuring Brian “Ragman” Dingess. Thurs., 10 pm, Wind Rose Café (Tybee). 

Miles Ahead

Percussion-heavy regional  jam sextet (think Phish, The Dead, John Scofield) that leans into a world music bag. Sat., 10 pm, Locos Deli & Grill (downtown).  

Mr. Wiley

“Homegrown” original local rock and jam fusion band. They feature a small horn section and vocals they describe as “rustic.” Fri., 10 pm, Guitar Bar. 

Old-Time Jam Session

Experienced acoustic musicians and newbies learn and play together on pre-commercialized country and mountain songs, led by local ethno-musicologist and multi-instrumentalist Joe Nelson. Mon., 7:30 pm, The Sentient Bean - ALL-AGES.  

The Permanent Tourists

One of the top dance-oriented funk, soul and R & B cover bands in the region. Fri., 9:30 pm, Tantra Lounge.

G.E. Perry

Solo set from an established local blues and rock guitarist. Fri., 8 pm, Hyatt Hotel.

Phantom Wingo

Muscular jam-band with a solid foundation in Southern rock and blues. Expect plenty of scalding lead guitar, and soulful vocals. Wed. & Sat., 10 pm, Fiddler’s Crab House (midtown location). 

The Ruins

Aggressive, original area hard rock/grunge act with ribald lyrics. Fri., 9:30 pm, One Hot Mama’s (Bluffton). 

Savannah Children’s Choir

My Heart In December is the 1st major show by this new outfit. It’s holiday works in many traditions and styles, under the direction of artistic director Roger Moss and with the accompaniment of area musicians. Thurs., 7 pm, Lucas Theatre.

Savannah Soul Project

Loose and limber funk-rock jam act (with horns) formerly known as Red Eye Jedi. Sat., 9:30 pm, Tantra Lounge. 

Audrey Shakir

This “musical diamond” (says Atlanta’s Journal-Constitution) of a vocalist has been a known commodity in the jazz world for decades, and played regularly at NYC’s Village Gate. This rare local gig (3 sets nightly) at downtown’s newest listening room finds her backed by some of the finest Atlanta players. Fri. - Sat., 9 pm, 10:30 pm, 12 am, Kokopelli’s Jazz Club.  

Jan Spillane

Local blues and soul songstress playing original material on acoustic guitar and keyboard. (See also Connect Recommends.) Fri., 7 pm, Cha Bella’s. 

Amy Steinberg

This brainy and ballsy touring artist and playwright mixes spiritually aware poetry, irreverent standup comedy and wordy postmodern acoustic folk/pop (with a distinct hip-hop influence) into a captivating show that’s one part Sarah MacLachlan, one part Ani DiFranco and one part Margaret Cho. She’s won numerous awards for her composing and performing skills, and has earned a strong Savannah following at this counterculture coffee house. Thurs., 8 pm, The Sentient Bean.

Gail Thurmond

Delightful jazz pianist and vocalist. Catching her gigs has become almost a requirement for visitors seeking one of the few “old Savannah” traditions that has withstood the “Charleston-ification” of the city.  Tues. - Sun., 7 pm, Planter’s Tavern (below The Olde Pink House Restaurant).


Local cover sextet specializing in Motown, shag and other types of popular, danceable soul music. Fri., 9:30 pm, Luna Lounge @ Il Pasticcio. 

The Train Wrecks

Popular local roadhouse quartet featuring singer/songwriter Jason Bible. They mix homespun barnburners with spirited takes on tunes from Dylan, Petty, Young and The Boss. Thurs. & Sat., 10 pm, Murphy’s Law + Fri., 8 pm, The Warehouse + Tues. (hosts Open Mic) Wild Wing Café.


The stage name of Army band member William Baez (who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and composed much of his latest album there), this Puerto Rican multi-instrumentalist makes impressive and contemporary uptempo, Latin-influenced hip-hop and dance music.  Sat., 10 pm, Tropicana Club.

Greg Williams

Prolific and versatile locally-based folk, rock and blues singer/songwriter who’s released a handful of acclaimed indie CDs. Thurs., 10 pm, Mercury Lounge. 

Robert Willis

Solo acoustic rock, pop, soul and beach music hits from a talented guitarist and singer. Fri. - Sat., 7 pm, Stingray’s (Tybee).

Nancy Witt

Solo pianist offering a wide variety of standards, jazz, pop and showtunes. Tues. & Thurs., Mary’s Seafood & Steakhouse + Fri., Billy’s Place (above McDonough’s).