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Noteworthy live gigs
Hank III

Mike Cross

Part humorist, part storyteller and part singer, this exemplary fiddle player and guitarist has been making people of all ages laugh, tap their toes and sing along for over 20 years. With over a dozen critically-acclaimed albums to his name, and a legion of diehard fans the world over, this Appalachian ambassador is a minor national treasure whose approach to homespun, family-oriented entertainment and elucidation is often likened to that of Mark Twain and Will Rogers.A repeat visitor to this humble acoustic listening room adjacent to a famous stringed-instrument factory and repair shop not far from The Mighty 8th Air Force Museum, Cross’ local shows often sell out based on his loyal area fanbase —many of whom have been seeing him in concert since the late 1970s when he was a fixture of sorts at the legendary Night Flight Café on River Street. For $25 advance tickets to this ALL-AGES (smoke/alcohol free) show, call 748-1930.Sat., 8 pm, Randy Wood’s Concert Hall (1304 E. Hwy 80, Bloomingdale) - ALL-AGES.

Hank III

The first time Hee Haw’s Minnie Pearl met the grandson of her old friend, the late, great Hank Williams, Sr., she reportedly exclaimed “Lord, honey, you’re a ghost.” Sure enough, Hank III as he’s now known looks so much like his grandad, it’s easy to forget he’s even related to Bocephus - which is all the better in my book. This Williams boy has made a name for himself by loudly trashing the Nashville C & W establishment while touring hard behind a handful of releases that find him flitting between raw, unfiltered old-school country, hellbilly and punk-metal. This gig is said to include both country and punk tunes (by his alter-ego band Assjack), plus opening sets by his touring pals Those Poor Bastards, plus local Whiskey Dick (in solo acoustic mode). This is the most expensive show this club has ever mounted, but $25 tickets are said to be over half gone already, so if you want to catch this assumed sellout, I’d get down there and buy one ASAP. Tues., 9 pm, The Jinx.

Symbiotek’s One-Year Anniversary Bash

In honor of their first complete year of independently hyping and throwing electronic and dance music shows in Savannah (particularly Drum&Bass parties), these upstart local promoters are promising their “largest and most fun event yet.” The 6-hour marathon features sets spun and mixed by Santa Monica, Ca.’s Infiltrata, Atlantic Connection (formerly of N.C., but now turning heads in La. and Ca.), and ex-Savannahian Cyanide, who now lives in Atlanta and is part of the group Quadrant. The show kicks off with a 2.5-hour tag-team set from all the members of Symbiotek: DJs Epiphany, Cavity, Culprit, Lunatek and Knux. $10 gets you in. Sat., 9 pm, B & B Ale House.


One of the most flat-out entertaining, and refreshingly sincere acoustic string bands working today, this NYC-based trio’s shows are literally like stepping through a porthole in time, back to the glory days of Vaudeville. The WIYOS offer a mesmerizing mélange of Old-Time country, ragtime, hokum blues, and hillbilly swing.It’s played without amplification of any sort, just like back in the old days before “unbreakable” records and electric sports bras. If you love Appalachian jug-band music of the ‘20s or ‘30s (and who doesn’t?), or hot jazz, or racy, libidinous songs of courtship from your grandfather’s era, in 2007, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better example of those forms than that offered up by guitarist Parrish Ellis, standup bassist Joe DeJarnette and washboard man/lead vocalist Michael Farkas. “I think we’re exposing people to music that’s never really gone away,” Farkas told me once. “It was drinking, dancing and party music in the ‘20s and ‘30s, and we feel like people can – and do – enjoy it just as much today. We not on a mission, or anything like that – but we are passionate about the music, and we try to make the crowd that passionate as well.”

The WIYOS have built up a loyal following of young and old alike from their occasional Savannah appearances, so this show should draw a decent crowd. Perhaps you should be a part of it... Sponsored by the Savannah Folk Music Society. $10 at the door (or $8 for SFMS members). Sat., 8 pm, Oatland Island Education Center - ALL-AGES.