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Noteworthy live shows
The Chuck Courtenay Band
Von Barlow

The Coastal Jazz Association presents a special show by this trap drumming master likened to the great Gene Krupa and known for an unusually expressive way with improvisation. Barlow doesn’t just beat the drums, he approaches them as a melodic instrument, coaxing tones and notes out of his set that most wouldn’t think possible. A veteran of everywhere from the original Woodstock Festival to Madison Square Garden, he’s recorded with everyone from Ray Charles to Harry Connick, Jr. and from Roy Ayers to Etta James. He also made a name for himself locally as bassist Ben Tucker’s rhythm section partner at the long-gone Hannah’s nightclub. Free for CJA members and $10 for the public. Admission price refunded for those who join the organization at this show. Sun., 5 pm, Tubby’s (225 E. River St.) - ALL-AGES.

The Chuck Courtenay Band

Currently one of the most noteworthy country, honky-tonk and southern rock bands on the local club, bar and festival circuit, this quartet boasts some of the area’s most versatile and experienced players, such as drummer Jesse Jordan (The Veraflames) and bassist Tim Burke (The Jimmy Wolling Band). Frontman and guitarist Courtenay is slowly becoming a swaggering C & W frontman after years as a laid-back acoustic soft-rocker. For more info: Fri. - Sat., 9 pm, Glazer’s (Richmond Hill).


After cancelling 3 shows on this very tour just a few days ago due to the eldest Hanson brother (Isaac) undergoing emergency surgery for a rare blood clot condition that threatens to impact his mobility, these former child pop stars (1997’s smash single “MmmBop”) turned respected independent songwriters seem set on giving Savannah fans a glimpse at the impressive musicianship and vocal harmonies they’re known for. As of press time, plenty of seats remained unsold for this major ALL-AGES concert. $36 tickets at the door. For more info: Wed., October 17th, 7 pm, Trustees Theater.

The Samples

Hard to believe, but these well-known (and deeply entrenched) reggae-rockers have been around in one form or another for two decades. Over that time, they’ve sold well over a million records, both on small, indie labels, and majors such as Arista and MCA. Frontman and guitarist Sean Kelly —who’s the only original member of the band still left— has a voice which at times begs comparison to Sting’s, which dovetails nicely with the syncopated rhythms of the group’s early jazz and folk-influenced tunes. Their later material has veered into more piano-based and earnest heartland rock, but still retains the technically proficient organic grooves they first became known for. With 22 releases to their name and a devoted fanbase made up of the college kids of today as well as those of 20 years ago who first caught them in frat parties and dive bars, they’re minor icons of a sort who put on reliably solid live shows. For more info:, 10 pm, Locos (downtown).


Larger-than-life, baddass modern Britpop combo (from Atlanta of all places) fronted by the U.K. born songwriter Sid Wilson. With a bombastic and anthemic style of crashing guitar rock that instantly recalls The Verve, The Tender Idols, some eras of U2, and —at times— the virtually unimpeachable Catherine Wheel, these guys seem armed with the songs, the stage presence and the massive guitar tone required for large halls and big fanclubs. To see them at this stage in their career in such a small and unpretentious room as this should either be deafeningly loud, memorably overwhelming, or both. For more info: Sat., 10 pm, Murphy’s Law.

Unknown Hinson

Let’s see... He’s a favorite of Simpsons creator Matt Groening and Tom Petty who dresses up like a hillbilly vampire, complete with undertaker threads, slicked-back hair, black stick-on mutton-chop sideburns and a mouthful of trailer park fangs. When not onstage singing hilariously misogynistic C & W tunes and shredding on the electric gee-tar (in real life, he’s a veteran of hard rock and metal bands from Charlotte, N.C.) he’s one of the voices on the Cartoon Network’s cult hit Squidbillies. Did I mention he sells out every time he comes to town? $12 advance tickets on sale now. Sat., 11 pm, The Jinx. <