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Noteworthy shows
DJ Mayhem

Dave Chappelle

Yep, you heard right - the 50 million dollar man himself is coming to town for what prevailing wisdom would suggest will likely be the quickest sellout in this 2,600-seat venue's recent history.

A gifted, and legitimately hilarious standup comic (and comedic actor) whose propensity for conceptual tangents and idiosyncratic behavior have made him one of the most talked-about funnymen of his generation, Chappelle famously walked away from his own hit show (and a fortune) when he severed ties with the Comedy Central Network a few years back. Since then, he's returned to the edgy, belly-laugh world of small comedy clubs and theaters, as well as thrown a massive "block party" concert in NYC's Bed-Stuy neighborhood that was ably turned into a sleeper smash by filmmaker Michele Gondry.

Many place Chappelle right up there with the late Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy (in his standup heyday). Praise, indeed. Snooze or lose on this one, Darkness. For $45 reserved-seat tickets go to or call 651-6556. Wed., August 22, 7 pm, Johnny Mercer Theater.

Drum & Bass Event

Locally-based Symbiotek Productions is busting their collective ass to make DNB a viable genre in our area after years of being sidelined by more mainstream techno and electronica in Savannah's dance clubs. This 8-headed monster event is the latest in their ongoing series of lengthy shows featuring local, regional and —sometimes— internationally-known DJs and turntablists. Behind the decks for this show: DJs Mayhem (Atlanta), GuyL, MC Dot (Columbia, S.C.), Repler (Statesboro), and locals Epiphany, Cavity, Culprit and MC Lunatek. Mayhem in particular is the one to watch at this show, for in addition to owning his own label, record store and distribution company, he tours worldwide and saw one of his tracks hit #2 on the UK Dance Chart (topping even Ms. Botox herself, Madonna). Sat., 9 pm, B & B Ale House.


If this Charleston-based power trio can keep their shit together, within a few years, people everywhere will quite possibly be incredulous when you tell them you used to see these guys play for a few bucks in the corner of a tiny bar like Hang Fire. No, they're not the most original band that's ever walked the earth, but most aren't. Yet, when you're this good at what you do, breaking new ground doesn't matter one bit. Though they're only in their early 20s, these scruffy RAWK dudes write, play and live it with an exuberance and seriousness that lets everyone within earshot know that they truly believe in what they're doing. Folks in the biz are starting to take notice as well, and frontman/guitarist Sadler Vaden has been invited to write songs with folks like Angelo Patraglia (Kings of Leon), which makes sense, because Leslie's soulful, Deep South backwoods-meets-British blues rave-ups (a la Humble Pie or early Who) fits nicely alongside the Followill brothers' nouveau Southern rock. Tight as a drum, loud as hell, and filled with the spirit, these guys are the real deal. Like Webb Wilder says, "pick up on it." Fri., 10 pm, Hang Fire.

Frank Paisley

It's not often that a singer/songwriter comes along who's immediately reminiscent of Robyn Hitchcock, and yet that's exactly where this globe-trotting artist (he currently resides in both Guatemala and Hamburg) is coming from: impressionistic lyrics with a slight lilt in the voice; guitar chord progressions that are sprightly and yet simultaneously filled with ennui (think XTC or Epic Soundtracks). Since Chris Bell and Syd Barrett shuffled off this mortal coil, they haven't made 'em like this much anymore. Rome, Ga.-based low-fi artist Old Burnt Turn Slick opens. Fri., 8 pm, the Sentient Bean - ALL-AGES. w