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Our picks for the most noteworthy live gigs this week
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Paul Geremia

John Hammond —himself a traditional Delta blues icon— once said he’d “drive a thousand miles” to see blues scholar and finger picking guitarist Paul Geremia perform. Paul’s sets include originals as well as timeless tunes from titans such as Robert Johnson and Blind Willie McTell, on 6 and 12-string guitars, mouth harp and piano. $10 at the door or $8 for Savannah Folk Music Society members. Wed., 7:30 pm, 1st Presbyterian Church (520 Washington Ave.) - ALL-AGES.

King of Prussia

If you couldn’t (or wouldn’t) score a ticket to see Guster at Trustees Theater, but enjoy sincere, intelligent and ambitious alterna-pop that draws on all manner of groovy influences? Head over to the Southern end of Forsyth Park for a chance to catch a rising star in that world. One of a couple handfuls of potentially major bands that are helping to once more revive the infamous Athens, Ga. music scene (after relative miscues such as the jam-band craze and the unfortunately-too-cultish-for-their-own-good Elephant 6 days), KOP is a standout act whose dreamy, grab-bag psych-folk is simultaneously straightforward and pleasingly cryptic. Thurs., 8 pm, The Sentient Bean - ALL-AGES. 

Bob James & Howard Paul

Although James began his career playing slightly avant-garde bebop piano, he wound up on a more polished pop/R & B tip, and emerged as perhaps the most famous and successful crossover jazz artist of the late ‘70s and ‘80s. Many angrily blame him (along with Benson, Sanborn, Lorber, etc...) for watering down “serious” jazz into mainstream elevator music, but he has remained a phenomenally gifted player who occasionally surprises even his detractors by dropping into a deep bag when the mood strikes him. Despite a second home in Savannah, he’s never headlined here. After sitting in with ace 7-string guitarist Paul on his regular Monday gig at this tiny supper club, James booked this rare, one-night-only evening of straight-up jazz with Howard’s great trio (including drummer Chris Russell and monster bassist George Sheck). It should be something. Tues., 8 pm, The Jazz Corner (Hilton Head).  

Port City Music

After playing in a number of bands and earning a small measure of respect in the aforementioned Athens music community, songwriter Philip Palmer returned home to Savannah and set about forming a new group that could focus on his droning, ethereal pop tunes that owed a stylistic debt to both the West Coast’s Paisley Underground scene and the dark romanticism of The Church and Felt. His project Vermillion X never clicked enough with local listeners to stand the test of time, but with him as lead vocalist and bassist, this latest group —designed to both recreate and elaborate on material from his latest low-fi solo disc— seems on its way to bringing him the closest thing to a following he’s enjoyed since throwing his hat back into the ring. Infectious and dry-witted local electronic/acoustic act Pink Kodiak opens, along with Athens rock act The Cleaners. Sat., 10 pm, Guitar Bar.  


About 6 years back, this Atlanta-based Dirty South rap/rock hybrid enjoyed national success with their major-label debut Southern Discomfort (the track “It Don’t Matter” actually went all the way to #15 on the Billboard Modern Rock Charts), which featured cameos by established rappers such as Cody ChesnuTT, members of the Goodie Mob and future Gnarls Barkley phenom Cee-Lo. They toured with Linkin Park, but eventually —and not surprisingly for a group named after the place their frontmen first met— the two creative lynchpins of the band split. One half of that duo, Brooks Buford, hosted one of the crappier MTV original series (which died a quick and merciful death), while the other, Danny Boone (under his real name: Danny Alexander) reformed the band with new members. It’s that lineup who’ll play this newish downtown bar and restaurant venue, in support of their less popular —but just as artistically credible— comeback CD, 2005’s Graffiti the World. Thurs., Malone’s (313 - 317 W. River St.).  

Tybee Skatepark Benefit

The move to fund a public skateboarding park on Tybee for area youth continues with this show — which continues the decades-old tradition of combining aggressive music with the art/sport/pastime of sidewalk surfing. Members of locally-based touring metal and punk acts Baroness and Blacktusk will play a tunes by Glenn Danzig’s famed shock-punk band The Misfits — in addition to a rare return appearance by  Savannah’s own Black Flag tribute act The 10 1/2 (featuring an all-star cast of local players). Wed., 11 pm, The Jinx.