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Our Picks

David Allan Coe

This living legend of outlaw country music is almost 70, but by the looks of him, you’d think this hard-living ex-con was closing in on 100. A prolific and respected songwriter who’s penned such jukebox classics as the Tanya Tucker hit “Would You Lay With Me (In A Field of Stone),” and “You Never Even Call Me By My Name,” he’s just as well known for crass novelty numbers like “Don’t Bite The Dick,” plus an infamous LP of X-Rated sexist and racist ditties that he tracked decades ago as a clever ploy to get himself fired from his label. Though never officially released, he’s sold it under the counter at his shows for years and it has helped him establish a sizable fanbase of bigots — and those who appreciate the most hard-to-defend brand of humor. It’s a wink-and-nod arrangement Coe seems to play down in interviews, but play up in private. His shows are often bizarre pieces of redneck performance art featuring lengthy medleys of both his hits and those of his contemporaries, as well as strange non-sequiturs and aloof interaction with the crowd. It’s both touching and fitting that local artist Whiskey Dick and his band will open for DAC, as Coe’s a personal hero to WD frontman Tony Beasley. His band often covers DAC tunes, and in fact, a few years back, Beasley dressed up like the man for a Halloween tribute show at The Jinx. $25 tix available at Sunset Novelties. Wed., July 25th, 8 pm, Monkey Business (Hilton Head).


This great, award-winning old-school freak-funk and organic hip-hop group (from the Athens/Atlanta area) is one of the few touring Southeastern acts that openly seeks to revisit the glory days of George Clinton’s P-Funk coke-topia. This dance and chill-friendly bar/restaurant on Broughton has become their venue of choice when passing through town. Fri., 9:30 pm, Tantra Lounge.

Nashville Bluegrass Band

Leave it to famed luthier Randy Wood to bring in another massively big-time bluegrass act for a so-close-you-can-feel-their-body-heat show at his 100-seat venue just minutes from Savannah. Formed to back up the late, great Minnie Pearl in the mid-’80s, this two-time Grammy award-winning combo has gigged behind Lyle Lovett and Johnny Cash and sold out Carnegie Hall. Astute listeners will also recognize guitarist Pat Enright as one of the voices of The Soggy Bottom Boys from the smash Coen Bros. film O Brother, Where Art Thou? Their repertoire includes traditional mountain string music, blues and black southern gospel. Advance tix are only $30 for ALL-AGES. Call 748-1930 for directions or reservations. Sat., 8 pm, Randy Wood’s Concert Hall (1304 E. Hwy 80, Bloomingdale)

Garrison Starr

Quietly and with little fanfare, a close-knit group of local music fans have been hiring some of their favorite touring songwriters for word-of-mouth shows in private homes. These intimate affairs have become the rage worldwide and offer an unusual alternative to the distracting vibe of bars and restaurants. The last time I saw this fantastic modern folk and pop guitarist/singer, she was wowing a crowd of almost 1,000 people in Atlanta’s Variety Playhouse as the support act to Steve Earle & The Dukes. She still plays large rooms and theaters, but now you can catch her from the decidedly more comfy environs of someone’s La-Z-Boy. Sample her music at Sat., 8 pm, private home (contact Sue at 398-1623 for reservations and info).

‘This Is Drum & Bass’

Presented by local electronica and dance music promoters Symbiotek Productions, this long evening of DnB features both local turntablists and visiting dignitaries from the world of scratched wax — including: Savannah’s own Cavity & Epiphany, Culprit and Lunatek; Columbia, S.C.’s DJs XPansion & MC Dot; and a rare 4-table tag-team show by DJs Rukus and Cyanide (late of Savannah, now involved with the esteemed Quadrant Productions). Everything cools down with an ambient dub set by David Rapp. Represent! Sat., 9 pm, B & B Ale House.