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Spotlighted gigs and recommended shows
Ladyhawk, Neva Dinova ***

A great double-bill. This insanely hooky and classic-rock-leaning Vancouver indie quartet (two guitars, bass and drums) on the trés chic Jagjaguar label has racked up plenty of kind press and loyal fans in the couple of years they’ve been on the scene. Expect a cathartic blast of overdriven, melodic songs that at times come off like Sugar-era Bob Mould covering mid-’70s Neil Young & Crazy Horse. Omaha, NE.’s terrific country-tinged indie rockers (and Bright Eyes associates) Neva Dinova open with a set of reserved and melancholy minor-key laments reminiscent of both The Louvin Brothers and Eleventh Dream Day. Presented by the L.A. based promoters Wagatail Presents. Listen & Learn:, Fri., 9 pm, The Jinx.

Miwa Gemini ***

It doesn’t get much cooler than this buzzworthy female NYC anti-folker whose vocal delivery draws accurate comparisons to both Siouxsie Sioux and middle-period Yoko Ono, and whose (largely) acoustic backing —known to include guitar, banjo, mandolin, glockenspiel and accordion— lends a dusty, Old West saloon vibe to peculiar and gripping original story-songs that, given another type of treatment, could easily nestle into a Bjork album. She has a growing following here based on her past gigs at this low-key coffeehouse venue. One-man blues-punk act Guitar Bomb opens with a set influenced by Highway 61-era Dylan and James Williamson-era Stooges. Listen & Learn:, Sat., 8 pm, The Sentient Bean - ALL-AGES.

“Raw Rawk” Concert

For over a decade, the owners of Primary Art Supply (and of late Civvies New & Recycled Clothing) have been showing their appreciation for their loyal customers —and for local rock music— by throwing annual open parties and gatherings featuring Savannah-based artists, most of whom have some connection to these popular, Broughton St. businesses. Both establishments cater in large part to folks under 21, for whom it’s hard to find club-style rock shows they can legally attend. This year’s End of School Bash features two live acts book-ending an underground fashion show (a kick-off to SCAD’s own Fashion Week). Opener Hot Pink Interior is one of the only groups in town that could be described as post-modern power-pop. Their bittersweet, male-female vocal harmonies, crunchy, overdriven electric guitars and driving rhythm section recall classic bands such as Cheap Trick as well as later, more punk-influenced notables like Liz Phair, Concrete Blonde and Sleater-Kinney. Seven-piece garage-rock fetishists Superhorse (which I am a member of) headline. They’ve been together for nigh on 15 years and memorably played on Primary’s St. Pat’s Parade Float several years in a row. They’ll soon release an EP of twangy, C & W-influenced material. Free with a suggested donation. Listen & Learn:, Fri., 10 pm, 217 W. Broughton St. (formerly Frozen Paradise) - ALL-AGES.

The Alex Nguyen Quartet ***

Kokopelli’s goes out with a bang for their final weekend in business with a free, two-night stand from this extremely talented and promising young jazz trumpeter (and Savannah native) who’s currently studying at a conservatory in NYC. In addition to gigging and studying with some masters of his chosen genre (such as drummer Jimmy Cobb who famously backed up John Coltrane and Miles Davis at the same time), word has it the great Kenny Barron is including his version of one of Nguyen’s original tunes on an upcoming studio CD (his first in four years)! Alex will be backed for these shows by pianist Joshua Bowlus, bassist Will Goble and drummer Justin Varnes. Listen & Learn: Fri. - Sat., 8 pm, 9:30 pm, 11 pm, Kokopelli’s.

“Rappetite For Destruction”

Savannah’s own rising rap and hip-hop collective Dope Sandwich Productions join two Millwaukee-based acts (KingHellBastard and Kid Millions) as part of a Spring tour of the East Coast and upper Midwest. After this show in a rather unusual location (a strip club just across the Talmadge Bridge), they’re all off to Ohio, Illinois and points West. Make the Wi. folks feel welcome and give our hometown heroes a nice send-off at this evening of “hip-hop and toplessness”). Listen & Learn: Fri., 10 pm, The Gold Club.