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The Black Lips, Sol Driven Train
The Black Lips (Jinx, Nov. 19)


At 11 p.m. Friday, Nov. 19. With Mass Plastic

The Jinx, 127 W. Congress St. $10 advance, $13 day of show

Known far and wide for raucous live shows that involve (take your pick) nudity, urination, vomiting and everything shy of chicken-sacrificing ("a go-to band for filth-rock puritans," said Pitchfork), this Atlanta group is, at its heart, a darn cool hybrid of the Rolling Stones and the Ramones. It's cultured garage-rock - slamming, punk-infused feral simplicity with high-tension slashing guitar chords and songs that are, at the end of the day, laden with memorable hooks. There's also a good dose of hazy psychedelia snuck in the back door. And, but of course, nasty attitudes.

Reportedly, the Black Lips' (alcohol-fueled) onstage frenzies of outrage have toned themselves down a bit in recent years (due, no doubt, to the band's reputation attracting more attention than its music - they've been banned from a decent percentage of American nightclubs). Whatever, whatever - but this show is likely to sell out, if it hasn't already by the time you're reading this. See


At 10 p.m. Friday, Nov. 19

Live Wire Music Hall, 307 W. River St. $8

One of the most honest live bands around - there's no electronics, no synths or loops, just five guys playing and singing - Sol Driven Train plays an adventuresome combination of Americana, reggae-tinged rock and world beat with a kind of swampy R&B funkiness. The long-lived Charleston quintet has an organic and joyful feel - and vocalist Russell Clarke also plays the saxophone, forming a when-it's-called for horn section with singer/guitarist Ward Buckheister, who blows the long ‘bone.How can that not be cool?

Comparisons to vintage Grateful Dead are inevitable - at times, that is - because of SDT's use of multiple lead singers, emphasis on slinky guitar lines, and somewhat schizophrenic approach to musical genres. The buck ends there, though - there's nothing languid or lazy about this band, the songs are lyrically strong and the eclecticism is a good thing. A really, really good thing. See


The talk of the town these days is the three-piece punk/R&B band Cusses, and you can catch the gang Thursday (Nov. 18) at Hang Fire, paired with the alluring electronica of Aux Arc ...The Savannah Folk Music Society has a concert Nov. 19, with Long Island "Piedmont blues" finger-picking guitarist Phil Minnesale, and Texas singer/songwriter Jonathan Byrd. It's at First Presbyterian Church, the regular SFMS venue ...Ugly Radio Rebellion, the band that specializes in the more complex music of Frank Zappa, returns to the Wormhole Tuesday, Nov. 23. Guitarist Scott Schroen is still out in front, but this time around Zappa veteran Ike Willis isn't touring with the band ...