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Today the Moon rises again
TTM,TTS, left to right: Cregg, Lauren, Micah and Jeremy

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Five years in, Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun took a big chunk of 2012 off, which is why we here in Savannah haven't seen much of the Atlanta band in a while.

"We had started playing full-time three and a half, four years ago," explains bassist Micah Silverman. "We did that for a long time. And last summer we stopped touring full-time, and started writing.

"After being on the road so long, and while on the road, it's really hard to find the time to create new things. You're just playing every night, playing the same stuff. And I think we really were yearning for that creative time together."

Let's string some descriptive words together, shall we? Silverman, Jeremy Cole (drums and electronics), Lauren Gibson (lead vocals, electronics) and Cregg Gibson (guitar and vocals) craft a fun, delightfully organic-sounding brand of electronic gauze-pop.

The live bass, drums and snarling guitar keep the music anchored and away from the sterile feel of pure electronica. And it'll definitely make you want to dance like a real person.

"We've recently heard ourselves coined in a couple of different ways," Silverman says. "People will say crazy things — they'll say 'You sound like a mix between Radiohead and Blondie.' The other day, I had someone tell me that we sounded like 'an electronic Wilson Phillips.'"

(Note to whoever came up with that one: Don't quit your day job.)

"The term that we collectively agreed on, that we thought described us, was 'indie electro fuzz rock,'" the bassist adds. "It still has that indie sound to it, but it's noisy and fuzzy and electronic.'"

Recently, a friend described the band as "dreamy disco punk." That one, the member of Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun liked.

The band, Silverman explains, is "coming out of hiding with some new stuff," which they'll debut at the July 19 Jinx show with their buds from Savannah, Cusses. Charleston's Brave Baby is also on the bill.

Attention all you genre-holics: "The new stuff that we're creating is a little bit more electronic, and kind of new wave-inspired."

Six years in the trenches (and in the same van) is pretty remarkable, especially when you consider that Today the Moon has never had a personnel change.

"It's not always easy," Silverman smiles, "but I think we have a pretty unbreakable bond.

"Lauren and Cregg are married, so that's pretty strong. Lauren and I have been best friends for a really long time. And Jeremy and Cregg have played in bands together for way over 10 years now. So I think if we haven't driven each other crazy by now, we're in this for the long haul."