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63 payments
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A WOMAN called police after she began to suspect she had been flim-flammed. She said she had received several letters telling her if she sent in a certain amount of money, she would receive a car.

The victim began sending in the amount of money asked for in the letters, but received nothing in return. Then the perpetrators of the scam began calling her to tell her to wire them the money.

The woman began sending money, making 63 payments through Western Union. She also sent several money grams, but isn’t sure how many of those she sent.

In all, the victim sent the suspects about $60,000. She told police she had exhausted all of her finances, and even reversed her mortgage to get money to send to the suspects.

• A 41st Street resident called police after her boyfriend became disorderly. She said during an argument, her boyfriend had lunged at her as if he was going to hit her.

The woman said she was holding their 9-month-old child at the time, but neither was hurt. She said the man told her, “I’ll box you in your face” and “You and your brother better not come outside.”

The suspect told police that his girlfriend came home from work and began demanding that he get the baby. He said she “showered him with curses.”

The man said the woman is crazy and he doesn’t like her. As no one was injured, no property was damaged and no warrants were on file, no arrests were made.

• A $10 counterfeit bill was discovered at an Abercorn Street business and police were called. The manager said a woman had come in to make a $200 payment and paid with cash.

After the woman left, the manager discovered the counterfeit bill. It had no watermark, no security strip and there were mistakes in the print on the bill.

The manager gave police a photocopy of the suspect’s driver’s license. The counterfeit bill was taken as evidence.

• Police were called to West Boundary and Jones streets in reference to “terroristic threats.” At the scene, a woman told them she was driving on West Boundary south of the Louisville Road, when someone dropped a brick from the bridge.

The brick shattered the woman’s front windshield. The woman said the brick was red in color and was thrown by a group of males and females “who were all white people, but they ran.”

The officer noticed that the windshield was shattered and pieces of glass had fallen into the inside of the car, but no one was injured. Security at SCAD, which has dormitories near the scene, was notified of the incident.

• A couple returned to their Whitfield Avenue home to find that someone had broken in and shot their two pit-bull-mix dogs. Police responded to a burglary alarm at the house, and on arrival, met with the residents, who had also responded to a call from their alarm company.

Both the front and back doors of the house were open when the residents arrived. One of the dogs was shot in the backyard, the other inside the house.

A large flat-screen television set was found on the porch where the suspect(s) had apparently left it. A neighbor saw a vehicle described as an SUV cross-over type, tan in color, with tinted windows, drive away from the residence.

Police are asking people in the area to be vigilant. Anyone who sees suspicious activity is asked to call 9-1-1 immediately.

The dogs were treated at a veterinary hospital. One was shot three times and the other once in the leg, but the bullets missed vital organs and bones, and both are expected to fully recover. cs

Give anonymous crime tips to Crimestoppers at 234-2020