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A bottle of mouthwash and "astonished faces"
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Mall security called police to notify them of a man panhandling and refusing to stop sitting in the middle of the street.The officer on the scene ran a check on him after some difficulty getting the man's actual DOB and found he had two outstanding warrants - one in Florida and another in Oklahoma. Neither agency was willing to extradite him. The man had bloodshot eyes and smelled strongly of mouthwash. As he was being escorted to the police car, a half-empty quart of generic brand mouthwash fell out of his pocket. Upon arrival at CCDC, the man refused to get out of the car on the proper side and instead forced the officer to assist him while trying to get out between the car and a nearby wall. The man then tripped and landed hard on the ground. The man finally stood back up, but proceeded to lean against the wall and urinate on himself. He then fell back into the cop car and pretended to act unconscious, although he continued speaking with the officer. He was driven to the hospital for treatment of a laceration on his chin and a small jaw fracture. At the hospital, the man informed the officer he would do the same thing when they went back to the jail. As he as handcuffed for transport, the man began screaming "You can't do this to me," and other things has he was being lead through the waiting area. The scene caused everyone to look over with "astonished faces." After returning to the jail, the man began asking one question repeatedly, and then speaking in what the officer believed to be some form of Creole dialect. This was followed by some violent mood swings and referring to himself in first person plural - the royal "we." The man insisted that he was "all right" and could be let go. Instead, he was charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

-- A mother and daughter called police to report a series of phone calls they'd received over the past several months. She told the officer that a man with a heavy Jamaican accent had been calling on an average of 15-20 times per month to inform her that she had won a $2.5 million sweepstakes from Walmart. Before she could collect her prize, all she would have to do is pay $150. The woman said she figured this was a scam. She pressed *69 and figured out what the number was they were calling from. The man also told her that she could call another number, which she gave to police. The officer contacted the nearest Walmart store to inquire whether any such sweepstakes was currently running. The manager of the store confirmed there was not.

-- A woman was sitting in her car with a friend when her ex-boyfriend pulled up along the driver's side and got out of his vehicle. He proceeded to open her door and pull her out of the car by her arm. He then punched her in the face several times and shoved her into his vehicle. They drove westbound with him screaming at her "How could you disrespect me like that," and "this is not over yet." The victim nearly blacked out when he grabbed her by the throat and began choking her. She scratched at his arms and face in an attempt to resist. He let her go, but took her cell phone and keys. The victim's sister pulled up behind them and the kidnapper told the woman to get out his vehicle. She was driven to her parents' house where the police were waiting to take the report. The victim had a bruise on her face and some blood on her shirt, which she said came from her mouth. She refused EMS. Her vehicle was retrieved by a family member. A violent crimes detective responded to the scene.