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A crying shame
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While on patrol an officer saw a red Monte Carlo pull out of a gas station without a functioning tag light. He conducted a traffic stop. While speaking to the driver, he noticed a strong smell of alcohol coming from the vehicle. He requested the driver's license and proof of insurance. The driver handed him an "ID Only" card issued in Louisiana. The officer asked if he had a driver's license, and the driver said no. He appeared extremely upset, and the officer noticed an unopened beer sitting in the backseat of the vehicle. The officer asked if he'd had anything to drink, and the driver said he'd had "two." The officer asked what "two" was. The driver replied "two Miller High Life beers." He did not mention that they were the champagne of beers. Once back up arrived, the officer asked the man to step out of the vehicle. The driver began to cry. The officer asked again how much he'd had to drink. The driver stated three or four beers. The handheld alco-sensor tested positive for the presence of alcohol. The driver was placed in handcuffs and escorted to the patrol vehicle. He was under 21 and read the Implied Consent Notice. He was transported to precinct 5 for further testing. While filling out his paperwork, the driver, "who was still upset at this time," (read: crying), stated that this was his second DUI and he was still under probation from the first incident. He was placed under arrest.

-- Police were called to a downtown hotel in reference to a disorderly person. When an officer arrived, he found a man arguing with hotel security officer, who was telling him to leave the premises. The man was arguing with a female and another friend on the scene. It was shortly after 11:30 p.m. The officer attempted to speak to the man, who appeared to be highly intoxicated with bloodshot, glassy eyes. He smelled strongly of alcohol and did not hesitate to tell the officer he'd been drinking. The man stepped away from the officer and began arguing with his friends again. The officer told him he had to leave the premises. He stated he didn't have to leave because he hadn't done anything wrong. He was wrong about that was placed under arrest for public intoxication and criminal trespass. He was transported to CCDC without further incident.

-- While on patrol an officer saw a vehicle travelling the wrong way down a one way street. He initiated a traffic stop. The vehicle pulled over and then the driver put the vehicle in reverse and opened the door. The officer used his loud speaker to instruct the driver to pull into a nearby parking lot. The driver complied, and then again put the vehicle in reverse and opened the door. The officer instructed the driver to put the vehicle in park and shut it off. The driver was an elderly female. The officer explained why he pulled her over and asked to see her license. It had been expired for over six months. She told the officer she was on her way home from dinner. It was 4:30 a.m. The officer asked where she'd had dinner, and she replied that it had been at a "fishy" restaurant around 8 p.m. The restaurant turned out to be KFC. The officer told her it was now 4:30 the following morning. The woman could not remember where she had been or what she'd been doing since eating dinner. Police contacted her neighbor who explained that the woman was prone to memory loss. EMS transported the woman to the hospital and her car was towed back to her residence.

-- A convenience store clerk called police in regard to a shoplifter. A short female with short hair entered the store, stole two or three beers and then left in a midnight blue Honda Accord. The clerk stated that she had previously met the suspect at the Walmart in Pooler where the suspect was reported to be employed. The store's manager had been notified and was going to check the security camera footage. The officer told the clerk to have the manager submit the tape as evidence.