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from recent Savannah/Chatham Police incident reports

An 18-year-old man who led police on a car chase after assaulting and robbing a woman was arrested Nov. 29.

Kevin Chantler Moore told police that he sped away from officers because he “didn’t have time to talk to no police” after hitting a 38-year-old woman over the head and taking her purse. The victim suffered a minor injury in the attack and sought medical attention on her own.

Police also arrested Moore’s girlfriend and accomplice, Jakea Cherise Parker, who is 17. The two were arrested around 12:30 a.m., within minutes of the crime.

Moore allegedly attacked the woman as she walked from her house to her car in the 900 block of Gary Street. He then climbed into a black Cadillac with Parker and fled the scene.

The victim immediately called police and gave them a good description of the car and the suspect’s clothing. APO Christopher Tally spotted the car speeding away as he responded to the call.

When the officer tried to stop the car, the driver accelerated and a chase ensued. The car became disabled after the driver crashed in to a pole and fence on ACL Boulevard.

Officers took the pair into custody without incident. During a search of the car, officers recovered scales and a small quantity of marijuana and cocaine. The victim’s purse was not recovered, but officers found more than $1,000 in cash in the car. Moore was taken to jail and charged with possession of drugs and drug-related objects, as well as numerous traffic violations. He and Parker are each charged with one count of robbery by force.

• Police are looking for the mother of a baby abandoned at the doorstep of a local church.

The newborn girl is believed to have been less than three hours old when she was found shortly before 10 p.m. on Nov. 26. A musician who was coming to the church for a band rehearsal found the baby and called police.

The baby was lying on a bench in front of the New Vision Baptist Church on Louis Mills Boulevard. She was wrapped in a blood-stained towel with about six inches of umbilical cord still attached.

Paramedics were called and rushed the baby to Memorial Health University Medical Center, where she was placed in the hospital’s neonatal care unit. Doctors described her condition as good. Metro detectives with the Special Victims Unit are asking that anyone with information call 651-6742.

• A Windsor Forest homeowner is credited with capturing a burglar in his home.

The man was inside his house in the 700 block of Windsor Road about 8:20 a.m. on Nov. 25 when he heard a door slam. He went upstairs to retrieve his gun and began searching his house.

The homeowner discovered Luis Carlos Atencio, 25, in his office and held him at gunpoint and called police. Within minutes, officers from Southside arrived and arrested Atencio and charged him with burglary.

• A woman told her ex-boyfriend to stop coming to her house and giving her sons money.

She told police he came over anyway, and was talking to the boys in the front yard. She said she told the suspect he was disrespectful and asked him not to come back.

At that point, the suspect pointed a finger in her face, so she pointed her finger in his face. She said he then punched her two times on the right side of her head, causing her right earring to rip out of her ear.

She said the suspect’s brother grabbed her, pulled her away and said he was trying to get her away from the suspect. She said the two men then left the residence.

The victim was bleeding from her right ear, but the officer saw no other injuries. She refused treatment by EMS and said she would take herself to the hospital and make the suspect pay the bill.

The officer then spoke with the suspect’s sister. She said she didn’t hear what was said, but observed the suspect hitting the victim.