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A whole bunch of gun violence
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An officer investigating a stolen car in the Paradise Park area was shot at by a suspect who drove by in another stolen car.

The officer drove off after the first shot was fired. Bullets shattered his rear windshield and struck the protective screen between the front and back seats of his patrol vehicle. The suspect then drove off, leading police on a lengthy pursuit that ended at about 8:45 a.m. in the Parkside neighborhood.
The suspect was boxed in by police, who fired shots in an attempt to disable the vehicle. The suspect was taken into custody. No one was injured. The suspect’s motives are unclear. The first stolen car was rediscovered later, it had been crashed and abandoned near Dunwoody and Edgewater Streets.
The 19 year old was charged with attempted murder in addition to a slew of other charges, because he pursued the officer and fired additional shots.

• Within an hour, three shootings were reported one night last week. At least two are unrelated. A 34 year old man was shot outside of Live Oak Plantation apartments on Waters Ave. He died from the injuries. Police were familiar with him, and he had 10 outstanding warrants against him. About 40 minutes later, police responded to reports on gunfire on the Westside, where a 32 year old man was found in an alley. Police suspect he had walked to the lane after being shot on Comer Street. He also died from the injuries. 10 minutes later, a 19 year old man was dropped off at an emergency room suffering from gunshot wounds he said he received on Mississippi Street. Police were unable to locate a crime scene in the area, but had to wait to further question the man because he’d been transferred into surgery. Police are trying to ascertain whether the third shooting is related to either of the first two.

• Police arrested a woman and charged her with four counts of aggravated assault after she fired shots during a confrontation outside Deja Groove. Earlier, a group of people had been fighting, and four women who instigated the incident were kicked out. Later, they were confronted by the other group, comprising active duty military stationed at Hunter Army Airfield. One suspect walked to her car and got a handgun. When she saw the suspects, she fired several shots, then jumped in a car and rode off. She was arrested after a cooperative investigation by SCMPD and the Hunter Criminal Investigations Division.

• On January 8, a 79–year old man was shot to death outside of a convenience store. At 10 a.m., police were called to a convenience store in the 1000 block of Waters Avenue after an employee reported that a customer walked into the store injured. The man had been in the store a few minutes earlier, made a purchase, then left. In the interim, he was shot and robbed of his wallet. The victim, John Green, was well–known in the neighborhood. Anyone with info should call Crimestoppers at 912–234–2020.

• A man was found by police after he attempted to rob a Southside bank with a cap gun. The 25-year-old man entered the bank, demanding money from tellers. They complied and he ran from the scene. He unsuccessfully tried to carjack a mall customer who was exiting the parking lot. He continued running toward Ramsey Run Apartments. Officers responded quickly and found a man fitting the description. They also found a pillow case with an undisclosed amount of money. cs