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'All I'm doing is having a good time'
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‘All I’m doing is having a good time’

Police responded to a call about a theft at a downtown hotel. An officer spoke with four men who said when they entered their room they found the hotel’s TV missing, as well as two iPods, sunglasses, a GPS system, keys, a hookah and some clothing.

They said the window was unlocked but closed. As they entered, the suspect tried to open the window and enter the room from the balcony. The suspect noticed there were people in the room and fled south and entered the room next door. Several people from adjacent rooms said that a man fitting the suspect’s description entered the room from the balcony window.

When the victims went to the suspect’s room, they found the suspect inside with all of their property. Most of the property was retrieved at that time. The manager of the hotel went to the rooms and wanted the victims to be responsible for the television that was destroyed in their room. All three parties became upset at that point and became disorderly, so the manager called police.

The officer spoke with the suspect, who was staying in the room next door with his friend. The friend said he was gone for a while and returned to the room to find the stolen property inside. He said he had no idea where the property came from or how it got there. The officer then spoke with the suspect, who was extremely intoxicated.

The suspect first said that he was outside on the balcony naked. He then changed his story saying he’d been in his room the whole time. The officer asked him about the property in his room and how it got there. The suspect’s response was, “I don’t know, all I’m doing is having a good time.”

Clothing and broken pieces of the hookah were found on the floor. The suspect couldn’t give the officer an answer about the property found in his room, and was arrested and charged with trespass.

• A Ferguson Avenue resident told police she believes her identity was stolen because she is receiving large bills for purchases she didn’t make.

The woman said she got a bill from Alltel for more than $300 and a bill from Dell for more than $3,000. The bills are going to her mother’s address. She said she uses her mother’s address for her mail, but hasn’t lived with her mother for more than 13 years. The woman said she doesn’t know how someone could have obtained her information to open the accounts. Both accounts were opened on the same day last October.

• A Java Place resident told police she was sitting in her living room when a man knocked at her front door. She asked who it was, and the man at the door said he wanted to come inside and “Lay down.”

The woman told the man to go away, but instead, he started kicking her front door. She told the man she was calling the police, and he left. The woman told police she once had a relationship with the suspect.

• Police were called to Pendleton Street about a naked man with a knife. While police were en route, another call came saying someone had been shot. The man was found, naked, sitting on his front porch with a laceration on his side.

He told police he had stopped at a grocery to buy a soda from the vending machine when an unknown number of men jumped him. The man said about his lack of clothing, “I took them off because I didn’t know what was behind me.”

The man could provide no description of his alleged attackers. He couldn’t or wouldn’t say how he received the laceration, and he had defecated on himself. EMS took the man to a hospital.

The man’s mother said she was awakened by her son banging on the front door and screaming. She said when she went to the front door, she saw him standing outside, completely nude. She said she let him into the house, where he went into the kitchen, got a knife and began acting irrationally. She showed the officer an eviction notice her son had received and said she didn’t want him near her or her property.