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All in the family
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A 55th Street resident began arguing with his wife, only to have his mother-in-law and his wife’s best friend attack him.

Police were called on a report of a disorderly person and found the man arguing with two women. The man wasn’t wearing a shirt, and the officer saw scratches and welts on his chest, near his left eye and around his neck.

The man also had a "busted lip," and said he and his wife began arguing about some "ordinary s--t" before his mother-in-law and his wife’s friend arrived. He said when the two women arrived, they intervened in the dispute and began attacking him physically.

He said he asked both women to leave, but said they only pretended to go outside. He said his wife had left and had not returned.

Even though the officer was present, the man continued to argue with his mother-in-law and the wife’s friend. The officer detected a strong smell of alcohol on the man.

When the officer spoke with the mother-in-law, she said she had gone to her daughter’s house after her daughter called and asked her to come. She said the man was already covered with scratches and welts when she arrived.

She said she asked the couple to calm down. Instead, the man struck her daughter and her daughter struck him back. She said she tried to intervene and her son-in-law slapped her.

The woman said she pulled her daughter outside after her daughter grabbed some belongings. The daughter then drove away.

She said she and the daughter’s friend were standing outside when the man came outside and began arguing with them again. At one point, he punched his wife’s friend, who told police she was a bystander until the man punched her in the ear.

She said she grabbed a stick to defend herself. She was still holding the stick while she talked to the officer.

The wife couldn’t be reached to give her side of the story, and her mother told the officer her daughter doesn’t have a cell phone. The man refused medical treatment, however EMS was called to treat the friend’s aching ear.


-- An officer on routine patrol on East Anderson Street was flagged down by a man who said he had just been attacked by an older man who was wearing a black T-shirt and head scarf. The officer located a man fitting that description just down the street.

The second man gave several conflicting accounts about what happened. At first, he said the other man attacked him because of his statements about President Obama, to which the first man responded that the second man attacked him and called him "a cracker".

A witness to the fight also gave conflicting statements by saying one man was attacked first, then later saying the other man was attacked first. Because the truth couldn’t be determined, a primary aggressor couldn’t be determined and no arrests were made.


-- A man and wife began arguing over child discipline at the entrance of their apartment complex and a neighbor called police. The man said during the argument, his wife struck him and pulled on his shirt.

The officer observed a small scratch on the man’s left forearm that appeared fresh. The man admitted he pushed his wife away as he tried to leave.

The wife said the argument started over a broken phone charger the night before and continued through to the next day. The officer observed a small bruise on her left cheekbone, but she said her husband didn’t hit her. Mediation was suggested.


-- Two officers on foot patrol observed a group of people standing in a dark area just east of city hall.

When the group saw officers in uniform, one of the men took a step to the side near some bushes and make a movement downward with his right hand, as if dropping something on the ground. The officer immediately walked over and saw a small plastic baggie containing a green leafy substance that looked like marijuana.

As the officers handcuffed the man, one of the others began moving around behind the officers. He started acting in an aggressive manner, telling the officers they were wrong and at the same time, putting his hands in his pockets.

One of the officers called for backup. When the second suspect began moving aggressively towards the officers and digging his hands in his pockets, he was ordered to move back.

He continued to challenge the officers and refused to do as instructed until backup arrived. He told police he would "buck up" if they touched him, but was arrested and charged with obstruction/hindering and disorderly conduct. The first man was charged with possession of marijuana.