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Attack of the Bumper Jumper
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Around 3:30 a.m. an officer on patrol observed a white male jump on the trunk and rear bumper of an unoccupied, parked vehicle. As the officer continued east on Congress Street, he watched the suspect repeat bouncing up on down on the back ends of several cars "causing the vehicle to quickly shake up and down." The officer made contact with the individual and explained why he had stopped him. The young man had difficulty maintaining his balance, so the officer asked him to take a seat on the curb. As the officer took down the man's information, he noticed a strong smell of alcohol and slurred speech. The man told him he'd had three jack and cokes, and acknowledged that he was intoxicated. He apologized, but was arrested for public intoxication and disorderly conduct. There was no visible damage to the car he had jumped on. The owner was not on the scene at the time, and the officer was unable to make contact with him. The bumper jumper was transported to CCDC for processing and a CRN was issued.

-- A woman was shopping at the mall when she was approached by a black male in a red tank top missing his two front teeth. He asked if she would be interested in purchasing a 50 inch flat screen television and two computers for the reasonable price of $800.00. He assured the woman that he had receipts for all of the items and that they were not stolen. Not one to pass up a good deal, the woman said yes, and went to an ATM to retrieve the necessary cash. She called a friend and the three met in the mall parking lot. The suspect was given the money and told the others that he would "be right back," with the merchandise. He never returned. Neither thought to ask the suspect his name, nor did they see a vehicle, get a license plate number, or any other identifying information. There's a lesson to be learned here.

-- A student was walking alone downtown around 9:30 pm when he thought he heard someone following him. He crossed Whitaker Street near Charlton and was approached by two black males who advised him "to empty his pockets." The victim stated that one of them put something to the back of his head that may have been a gun. He was told they would shoot him if he didn't hand over his money. The suspects walked west on Charlton with his backpack, which contained his cellphone, hard drive and headphones. Both suspects were over six feet tall, and one was wearing a gray hoodie. The SCAD security supervisor was notified about the time of the incident in hope that video surveillance footage might be obtained.

-- Police were called in regard to a fight in progress at a rooming house. A woman and her daughter were watching TV in the common room with several other residents when her boyfriend entered and started yelling that they needed to talk. She told him she would be there in a few minutes. He grabbed her and started to "push her around." The altercation escalated and she said that he hit and choked her. Other residents tried to break it up. Police found the aggressor sitting, unresponsive and smelling strongly of alcohol. He stated that he had been drinking. He was not cooperative with police and then told them that he had never laid a hand on her, although he had a lump on the back of his head that was bleeding slightly and a fat lip. He was not sure who had hit him or the circumstances of how it happened. EMS arrived on the scene but the man refused. Based on witness and victim statements, the man was transported to CCDC and the woman was put in contact with Safe Shelter.