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Baby daddy issues
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More baby daddy issues

A Noble Oaks Drive resident told police that his girlfriend’s “baby daddy” had pulled a gun on him. After speaking with the man and his girlfriend, the officers learned the suspect’s name is on the lease for the woman’s apartment.

The man hasn’t been living there, but showed up unannounced and began arguing with the woman about the presence of her new boyfriend. The suspect went to his car and retrieved a gun, which he took in the apartment and pointed at the man. The woman was advised to have the suspect’s name taken off the lease.

• An officer on routine patrol on Quacco Road observed a small child wearing only a diaper sitting on the side of the road. The child appeared to be very dirty.

When the officer approached the house, he saw a second child, lying face down on the porch. This child was wearing a shirt and a diaper and also was very dirty.

The second child was screaming and crying. He had a 2-inch bruise below his left eye. A third child also was found at the residence.

The officer knocked on the door and spoke with a woman who said she was the children’s mother. When asked why she wasn’t supervising them, she replied, “I was in the back room and they never come outside.”

The woman was then asked how one of the children got the bruise under his eye. She replied, “He fell down the porch.” An investigation is continuing.

• A West Derenne Avenue resident encouraged her daughter to fight a woman she was having problems with, but called police after others became involved in the fight. The woman said her daughter had been getting harassing phone calls all day from the suspect.

When the suspect called again and said she was outside, the daughter mixed some chemicals in a cup, ran outside and threw them at the suspect’s car. However, the suspect had brought a group of people with her and a fight broke out.

During the altercation, the mother said she was hit in the back with a baseball bat. However no marks or bruising were seen.

She said her daughter received a cut on her right foot when someone threw a beer bottle that landed at her feet. EMS treated the cut on the scene. An officer recovered a knife and aluminum pole from the scene.

• A man required immediate medical attention after falling on his bicycle at Liberty and Barnard streets. When police arrived, the man was standing on the sidewalk.

He had a large cut above his right eye that was bleeding profusely. The man smelled strongly of alcohol and appeared to be intoxicated.

The man’s bicycle had a bent front wheel and was lying on the sidewalk. He also had a small green bag that he said contained a handgun. When asked if he had a weapons permit, the man said he didn’t.

• An officer was at the intersection of Reynolds Street and Washington Avenue when a red car made a quick stop and proceeded south on Reynolds Street, failing to yield to oncoming traffic and nearly causing an accident. The driver also ran the stop sign on the median.

A traffic stop was conducted, and the woman driving the car rolled down her window. A strong odor of alcohol emanated from the car. The woman’s speech was slurred and her eyes were bloodshot.

When asked why she ran the stop sign, the woman said, “I didn’t see the car coming.” When asked if she’d had anything to drink, she said. “No.”

The woman agreed to take a breath test, which showed positive. Once again, she was asked if she had anything to drink, and she said, “Three or four glasses of Strong Bow cider.”

In addition to the breath test, the woman agreed to a field test. During the walk-and-turn test, she didn’t pay attention to the instruction part and failed that test, too.

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