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Back Door Man
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from recent Savannah/Chatham Police incident reports

A man and his wife returned to the Pine Valley Road house they are renovating to find the back door wide open.

They discovered that a television and some wine glasses were missing, and food had been taken from the freezer. The trash can had been dumped onto the kitchen floor, and feces were in the toilet.

Another television had been taken from the front room, but it was found sitting in the middle of the floor. The man told police no one lives in the house. He said he and his wife had left the house earlier in the day to go to a doctor’s appointment. The painter who has been doing work for them told them he had seen a man in a green car pull up to the back of the house and go inside, but thought it was just a member of the family.

• Two women began fighting after one accused the other of stealing money from her. An officer arrived to find the two women had already been separated. The first woman told the officer she had been at her aunt’s house to wash some clothes.

The second woman came in and they began arguing. The first woman said she accused the other of stealing from her, but the second woman told the officer that the argument began because the first woman was talking loudly on her telephone.

The first woman said the second came out to the front porch and punched her in the mouth, causing a minor laceration and swelling to her upper lip. She said she defended herself, resulting in the fight.

The second woman said the first came from behind her and, for no reason, hit her in the head with a child’s plastic golf club and started pulling her hair. Human hair was found in front of the house, lying next to one of the women’s cars.

Although both women sustained injuries, both refused treatment by EMS.

• While an officer was patrolling the area of 33rd and Montgomery streets, a man pulled out in front of the patrol vehicle on a bicycle. TThe man was stopped, and seemed very jittery when he was questioned. The man’s eyes were glassy, he was sweating profusely and he appeared very nervous. He denied drinking alcohol or being under the influence of any drugs. He gave the officer consent to search his person and belongings, which were in a basket on the front of the bicycle.

While conducting the search, the officer found a small plastic bag containing two off-white rock-like substances and a glass crack pipe, which was warm to the touch. The man was cited for failing to stop at the stop sign and arrested for possession of a controlled substance and a drug-related object. The off-white substance tested positive for cocaine.

• A nurse at a Reynolds Street medical office told police that after lunch, she changed her clothes in the locker room behind the nurse’s station and placed $15 in her pants pocket.

When she was leaving work that night, she noticed the money was missing. A student nurse said the same thing had happened to her and that $4 had been taken from clothing she had in her book bag.

The women said the clothing is kept in the locker room unsecured because there is no place for them to be secured. The unit clerk said that she can see who comes and goes to the locker room because she’s located at the nurse’s station. She said she went into the locker room and noticed the suspect going through some bags. She said she believes she startled the suspect because the woman stopped going through the bags when she walked in.

The security director said a similar incident had occurred where the suspect was seen in the locker room at the time cash was taken.

• A student at a Ferguson Avenue school sustained a broken leg after a second student jumped on him.

Both students were walking on school grounds when the incident occurred. A teacher told the officer the incident was considered an accident and not an attack on the injured student. According to another student who was walking with the injured boy at the time the incident occurred, the second boy jumped on the first in a piggyback manner, and both fell to the ground. The second boy fell on top of the first and the apparent shift of weight and impact of falling caused the broken leg. The witness said nothing was said before or after the incident to suggest it was an attack. The witness also said he is unaware of any problems between the two students.