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Be careful what you wish for
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An officer on patrol observed a red Ford Mustang speeding northbound on White Bluff Rd. and driving erratically. The officer turned on his sirens and began pursuit.

The vehicle pulled behind a shopping center and the officer was able to pull in front of the car. After exiting his vehicle, the officer noticed a strong odor of marijuana emanating from the vehicle’s front window, which was down.
The driver handed over his driver’s license but acted nervously. The officer asked the driver to step out of the car and put his hands on the roof. He asked the driver whether he had any “knives, guns, bazookas or anything like that.” The driver responded, “Do I look like I have any knives, guns or bazookas on me? You can search me. You won’t find anything.”

While being patted down for weapons, the driver said “Go ahead and search me, search my car. I want you to find something in it.” The officer noted that the man’s eyes appeared to be red and glassy. Once he had cuffed the driver due to his behavior, the officer began to search the vehicle. At this point, the driver said the officer could search him but not his car. He was told that the strong odor of marijuana constituted probable cause for a search, and then became quiet.
The officer found a grinder that had green, leafy bits in it and smelled like weed. The driver was arrested for suspicion of Driving Under the Influence, Possession of a Drug–Related Object and Driving Too Fast for Conditions. The driver then had blood drawn for a state chemical test. He was transported to CCDC and the vehicle was towed.

• While on patrol an officer saw a man standing on the corner of 39th and Jefferson with an open container. While questioning the subject, he became upset and told the officer “I am 32 and a grown-ass man.” The subject than began to chug his beer and throwing the can on the ground in front of the officer. The officer asked him for his name and identification. He dismounted the bicycle he’d been sitting on and approached the officer saying “Why the f**k are you profiling me for. F**k this.” The officer asked the man to step back and answer the questions. The officer then tried to cuff the man who said “Do you know I can kill you?” At that point, the man was placed under arrest and charged with open container, obstruction and misdemeanor assault. He was not, however, charged with littering. He requested his bike be locked to a nearby pole before being transported to CCDC.

• An officer was dispatched to the 1300 block of East Park Avenue in reference to a burglary. Officers spoke with the woman who lived at the residence. She said she came home and found that someone had entered her residence and taken several items, including a video game system, a flat screen TV and several hundred dollars in cash. The suspects entered through the back door, which had been unlocked. The victim stated the door is often unlocked because of the dog. The dog had been shut in the bathroom by the suspects. After canvassing the area, a neighbor told police that she had seen two young men in the backyard passing items over the fence. Forensics was notified.

• An officer was on foot patrol in the area of Frasier Homes when he heard loud yelling coming from nearby. He located the commotion at a residence which had a history of loud gatherings. The officer found eight people drinking beer and listening to a stereo that had been moved outside. The resident was given a verbal warning that the party was too loud and all non–residents were asked to leave. They complied.