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Bloody hands and hand guns
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An officer on patrol was flagged down by a concerned citizen who said he just saw a person break the window of a building on Congress Street.

It was shortly after three in the morning. The officer found a man walking away from the location with his right hand bleeding badly. He refused to be treated by EMS. Another officer arrived and located the broken window. The man with the bloody hand said he tripped and fell against the window. He was clearly intoxicated, according to the officer’s report. The subject said he was sorry and would gladly pay for the damages. The officer placed a CRN card inside the broken window.

• An off-duty officer found a 23 year old male lying in an alley between the Bryan Street garage and a downtown hotel shortly after 2 o’clock in the morning. The young man, William Mabry of Shelby, N.C., had fallen from the roof of the garage. Two friends said they had been on the parking deck skateboarding when the victim, who had been running along the north wall, lost his balance and fell six stories. EMS arrived and declared him dead at the scene.

• While on patrol near White Bluff Rd. and Tibet Ave. an officer noticed a car with a broken headlight. He stopped the vehicle to inform them of the problem. The officer asked the driver to step out of the vehicle to that he could show him the violation. The officer asked if he had any weapons, to which he replied that he did not. The officer then asked if he could search the vehicle, and the driver said that he could, but to be quick, “because I don’t have a lot of time.” While looking inside the vehicle, the officer found a digital scale with cocaine residue on the weighing surface. The driver said that he had let someone “hold the car earlier,” and that it might have been theirs. The passenger in the vehicle said he was just trying to get a ride, and didn’t know anything. No other contraband was located in the passenger compartment. A search of the driver uncovered a plastic bag of cocaine and $277 in cash. A search of the trunk uncovered a sock containing eight empty baggies, a plastic case with cocaine residue and a bag of cocaine. The driver was placed under arrest.

• A man driving north on I–95 fled Georgia State Patrol officers who attempted a traffic stop early one morning. The driver was stopped for speeding, initially complied with the traffic stop, then hopped back in his car and sped away from the scene. He lead officers on a chase that at times exceeded 90 mph. The driver was stopped on Rt. 204 and fled the scene on foot. Officers chased him into a wooded area, and Richmond Hill PD’s K–9 unit was brought in to assist. The suspect was apprehended quickly. Officers discovered several illegal firearms in the vehicle. The suspect was transported to Bryan County Jail.

• Police are seeking a man who assaulted a woman with a hammer. Around 7 p.m. officers were called to a home on Vermont Ave. and found a woman bleeding profusely from head trauma. The woman said she returned home from work to find her ex–boyfriend at her home. A day earlier they had decided he would move out, and he told her he had come to pick up his possessions. Once he came inside, he began to attack the woman with a hammer. The man, Robert Charles Foster, 44, then left the scene in a burgundy Chrysler Voyager. Anyone with information on Foster’s whereabouts is asked to call CrimeStoppers.