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Mild goose chase

An officer ran a tag on a car on Jone Street. It came back as registered to an entirely different vehicle. The officer attempted to stop the driver at Jones and West Boundary streets. The car began to pull over but never left the lane of travel. Both vehicles turned north onto West Boundary Street at a speed of 20 miles per hour.

There was no other traffic, so the officer stayed behind the vehicle, which continued north until it turned east onto Oglethorpe Avenue. The car continued to move at 20 miles per hour, and then turned north onto Fahm Street. As the car approached Ann Street, it began to pick up speed. As it passed Ann Street, a second officer advised the first to let the car go for safety’s sake.

Before the officer could turn off the squad car’s emergency equipment, the suspect’s car turned into a parking lot inside of Yamacraw. The officer suspected the driver was about to run on foot, and turned into the lot behind him.

The suspect got out of his car, and ran south into Yamacraw, then turned east crossing Ann Street and later Orange Street. The officer caught up with the suspect in the parking lot of the Ships of the Sea Museum on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and placed him under arrest.

He was charged with fleeing to elude, and obstruction by fleeing. At some point the suspect had thrown away the keys to the car. They couldn’t be located.

• A man arrived at his girlfriend’s home on Cobbler Court and found that someone had kicked the door in and burglarized the house. He told police he had arrived at the house and attempted to use the key, but found that the door was left open about 3 inches. He called his girlfriend, who had gone out of town that morning, and told her that a television and two cameras were missing. The kitchen, living room and bedroom were targeted and all drawers were pulled out with their contents thrown on the floor. An officer spoke with the victim on the phone, and she said two men had been watching her load her car from across the street while she prepared to leave that morning.

• A bicyclist was seen riding down Reynolds Street at 32nd Street with no light.An officer stopped the man and asked if he had any identification. The man presented a concealed gun carry permit that was expired. When the man was searched, a loaded hand gun was found under his sweat shirt. He was placed under arrest and charged with carrying a concealed weapon and not having a light on his bicycle.

• Police were called to an East 31st Street home on a report of damaged property. A woman at the scene told them that her ex-boyfriend had called her on her cell phone to tell her that his recent girlfriend had damaged her car. The woman checked her car and found that the back windshield wiper was broken off, the driver’s side car trim was ripped off, and paint was poured on the driver’s side door.

She said her ex-boyfriend told her his girlfriend was sorry and that she was “impaired” at the time she did the damage. However, the woman said the girlfriend harassed her all the time and that she was tired of it and wanted to press charges. The woman had text messages from the suspect.

• Two sisters got into an argument over the rent on their Largo Drive apartment. The dispute began as a verbal argument. The first sister went to look for the second sister’s half of the rent, and the second sister grabbed her.

The first sister then pushed the second sister, who raised her fist as if she was going to hit her. She later told police her sister had gone into her room and begun “digging” through her personal property, so she called police.

An officer at the scene mediated the situation, but prior to leaving the apartment, heard glass breaking inside the residence. The officer went back inside and found glass on the floor of the kitchen.

One sister was pacing in the living room and speaking on the phone. The second sister was upstairs in her bedroom. Both sisters told the officer that they had thrown plates and glasses.