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From SPD reports
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A house divided

A dispute over the custody of a child turned violent July 2. Officers arrested Michael Angelo Mitchell, 26, for shooting two brothers, Harry and Robert Morgan, who are his cousins. Police responded to a home in the 1600 block of Legrande Street shortly after 7 p.m. on a report of shots fired.

The suspect and the victims already had left the scene when officers arrived. Detectives arrived later and learned that Mitchell had intervened in a dispute over the custody of a 1-year-old child.

The dispute escalated when Robert Morgan, 22, returned the child to its home. He is the child’s godfather, and he and the child’s mother began fighting over him taking the child without her consent.

Harry Morgan, 26, was waiting for his brother in a car when he heard the shouting and went inside the house. Mitchell was already at the house and all three men began fighting.

During the fight, Mitchell shot and wounded the Morgans. Both were taken to Memorial Health University Medical Center, where they were treated and released Mitchell surrendered to detectives July 3 at Central Precinct following an overnight search. He was charged with two counts of aggravated assault.

• After a woman helped an employee who was down and out, he thanked her by stealing her furniture. The woman told police that she had employed the man at her restaurant a year ago for a couple of months. He then left to go to rehab for alcohol treatment.

When he returned from rehab, the man was rehired at the restaurant. The owner also co-signed on the lease for his Gordon Street apartment and bought about $700 worth of furniture for him to use until he became financially stable.

The woman told the man that when he was financially stable, she would reclaim the furniture. However, the man stopped showing up at work, so he was fired and told he had two weeks to move out of the apartment.

He was told to leave the furniture when he left. However, when the woman inspected the apartment, she found that all of her furniture had been taken and that the apartment was empty.

• A burglary occurred at a West River Street gift shop. An employee of the business arrived to open the store and found that the rear door was already unlocked, the alarm was turned off, and the money was missing from the cash register. She was positive the alarm was set and the door locked the night before because she was the one who closed the business.

She said she couldn’t identify any items other than the money that were missing from the store. She said only three people had keys to the store and knowledge of the alarm code.

Shortly after a police officer arrived, the store’s manager came in. She also couldn’t identify any items other than the money that were missing and corroborated the employee’s account that only three people had access to the keys and alarm code.

The manager said there should have been at least $1,200 in the cash drawer,. Forensics was requested, and a forensics officer was able to lift some fingerprints from the cash drawer and rear door.

• A woman was attacked by her son at their 61st Street home. When police arrived, the woman told them her son is schizophrenic. She said he woke up that morning and started accusing her of taking his house and car keys.

The man became even more upset and punched his mother in the back of the head and pushed her down on the floor. She said that he also punched her in the back of her left arm and then grabbed her cell phone out of her hand.

He then began accusing his mother of trying to poison him and threw a bottle of plant food at her. She was able to leave the house and walk to a friend’s house, where she called police.

Even though the man has a prescription for his illness, his mother said he hasn’t taken the medicine since December. When an officer checked the residence, the man had left and couldn’t be located.

The officer saw evidence that a struggle had occurred in several rooms of the house. The telephone was knocked off the hook in the kitchen, several area rugs were strewn around in the living and dining areas, and there was a plastic bottle of plant food in the floor where the man had thrown it at his mother.