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Breaking up is hard to do
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POLICE WERE DISPATCHED to 38th and Harden streets because a man called and said someone threatened him and became disorderly. The man said his ex-girlfriend’s son had called his cell phone and said he was going to “slap him and f--k him up.”

He said the reason the suspect made the threats is because the suspect’s girlfriend was told he had lost his job at a restaurant, and the victim was the one who told her. He said she threatened to end the relationship.

The suspect admitted he called the victim, but said he asked the man to meet him and talk out some issues. He said the man cursed at his mother, and he was tired of him telling other people his business.

The victim said he got the suspect the job at the restaurant while he was dating the suspect’s mother. The suspect denied making any threats, but did say he was going to tell the victim’s wife that he was messing around on her.

• A fight broke out on Whitefield Avenue. When police arrived, one of the men was bleeding from a cut just above his left eye. A witness said the man was armed, so he was patted down.

The man told polic he was walking home when an SUV passed him and the two men inside made obscene gestures. The man walked to a nearby mobile home to speak to a friend when one of the men from the SUV came up behind him and struck him in the face.

The officer then spoke with the second man, who said it was the first man who had started the fight by walking down the street and cursing at them. He then swung at one of the men, who ducked.

The second man then punched the first twice in the face. The man went down, but got back up and threatened to go home and get a gun. Although the man went to his home, he returned with a knife. He told the others that he had called police.

EMS was called, but the man refused treatment. Both witnesses agreed the first man had thrown the first punch.

• A retired police officer flagged down an officer at the Chatham Parkway off ramp on Veterans Parkway.

He told the officer he had noticed that the windshield of a pickup truck parked at the side of the road had been smashed in. He said he had attempted to flag down three other police vehicles, but they wouldn’t stop.

The officer observed moderate damage to the front end of the pickup truck. There were twigs from small trees pushed into the grille of the truck and the windshield had been smashed by something large, such as a deer or “even a human.”

A large piece of shattered glass was missing from the windshield. Further checking revealed it had been placed in the bed of the truck. Some shattered glass was found in the truck’s cab. The officer located a wallet that belonged to the owner of the truck on the floorboard.

Pictures were taken of the truck, and it was towed. The officer was told another officer had stopped earlier and given the truck’s owner a ride home.

• Police responded to Fords Pointe Apartments to recover a stolen car. The car had been stolen in successive burglaries from a residence in Gateway Village, while the homeowners were out of town. Through phone records, police made contact with the parents of a 15-year-old.

The parents allowed police to search their home, and a television and laptop from the victims’ home was found. A second juvenile was located, and he too had several stolen items in his home.

The two 15-year-olds have been charged with two counts of burglary and one count of auto theft. The brother of the second suspect, an 18-year-old, also was charged with burglary and auto theft, and a charge of theft by receiving. Numerous items including electronics and jewelry were recovered.

Give anonymous crime tips to Crimestoppers at 234-2020