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Breaking up is hard to do
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A woman was sitting on a bench overlooking Bay Street when her ex-boyfriend drove by, saw her, and stopped in the middle of the street heading westbound to shout threats at her. He yelled "I'll destroy you and I'll make you lose your child." She ignored him and called the police, then he drove off. She remained seated on the bench, and about 10 minutes later he stopped again, shouted "whore" and drove off again. She broke up with him recently because he was physically abusive, although his charming personality would be enough to call it quits based on what's written in the police report. The woman advised that she has applied for peace bond against her ex because she feels threatened for her personal safety.

-- A man called police after he and his girlfriend, who he used to live with, and who is the mother of his two children, began making threats of violence toward him. They were on the phone and she told him that she would kill him. He had a tape recorder nearby, and when the officer arrived, the man played the tape, confirming that she was making threats. The man did not appear to be overly concerned about the woman carrying out her threats. The officer advised him on how to obtain a peace bond.

-- A woman called the police in reference to a series of harassing phone calls she had received. Her husband was recently "locked up" and a friend of his called the woman asking if she needed any money to help with bills. The chivalrous gent stopped by that morning to further discuss the terms of his personal loan program, which included having sex with him in exchange for money. She said he tried to "feel her up" and she rebuked his advances. He then left the apartment and has not returned. Instead he calls regularly and asks about his offer. She stated that he did not hurt or strike her, and that she does not know his last name or where he lives. The woman was advised to block his calls and was given a CRN number.

-- A woman in an island establishment got into a fight with a customer and slapped her several times in the face and chest. The woman was escorted out by several people and told that she was banned from the property. Once outside, the woman began hitting and kicking the glass door, effectively loosening the glass from the door frame. She was placed under arrest and put into the back of a patrol car. The woman got her wrist out of one of the handcuffs and then began kicking the window of the cruiser. She was taken out of the car, re-cuffed, told to calm down, and then put back in the car. She was charged with a variety of offenses and taken to jail.

-- A man was robbed at gun point by two males while walking westbound on Park Avenue toward Waters Avenue. He sensed someone following him, turned around, he saw a man dressed in all black and then a second suspect appeared with a chrome handgun. With the handgun pointed at him, the first suspect, who was wearing a ski mask and carrying a shotgun approached him and demanded his money. The victim handed over his wallet, which contained $400 in cash. The suspect with the shotgun attempted to fire the weapon, but it jammed. The suspect lowered the weapon, pounded on it, and it shot the victim in the foot. He ran, as best he could with a shot foot, south on Waters Avenue. He was interviewed by police while being cared for at the emergency room. Several units canvassed the area, but were unable to locate either the crime scene or the suspects.