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Brotherly Love
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An officer was called by a 50 year old man who was scared his brother was going to beat him up.

The officer met the reporting party down the street from his home. He explained that his brother threatened to hurt him if he didn’t tell the truth about calling his parole officer. The two had been having an ongoing argument about the other brother moving out of the house. As the officer and complainant approached, the subject came out of the house, yelling and screaming, “why the fuck you call the police, I am your brother?!” The subject wouldn’t listen to requests to calm down and told the officer, “you can’t tell me what to do!” When the officer attempted to approach him, he became defensive and took a fighting stance. He continued to yell at the officer and his brother until he was arrested for assault and abusive or obscene language. The complainant was given a CRN and advised on how to deal with the situation.

• An officer was acting as security while the CNT executed a search warrant at a residence. The officer was sitting in front of the house, sitting on the porch. A green van came speeding west and pulled up directly across the street. The driver jumped out and started to approach the officer, walking quickly. The officer got up and told the man to stop and identify himself. The man said it was his house. The officer put up his hand, gesturing for the man to stop. The man slapped his arm out of the way and tried to move around the officer. The officer was about to pull out his taser when CNT officers came out and subdued the man. He was charged with obstructing an officer.

• A young woman called the police to report a dispute with her roommate. She was in the house, washing her hair when she heard her dogs start barking outside. She also heard a loud banging sound. She went to the door and saw her roommate, a former boyfriend who was allowed to move in under strictly platonic circumstances, was outside punching and kicking his truck. He came inside and asked her why she was talking to other men but not him. The roommate then grabbed her around the throat and began to choke her. He pushed her to the ground, causing her to hit her head on the fireplace. Her children ran in and began to hit him. Hearing a commotion, the woman’s mother came in and pulled the roommate off of her. He grabbed his possessions and left. While telling the officer the story, the woman refused EMS.

 • A man said his barbecue grill had been stolen from the rec center of his subdivision. The rec center is directly behind his house, and he had taken the grill over there for his son’s birthday party the day before. When he returned for the grill, it was gone. He said it was worth about $180.

• Southside EMS called police to report that they had an assault victim who called them and said she “was beaten up and wanted to go to the hospital, but did not want police.” Upon arrival at her residence, she told them that she had gotten off the bus near Abercorn and 61st and as she walked away, two males hit her in the head and knocked her to the ground. When she got up, she found that the contents of her purse had been strewn around the on the ground nearby. She did not have any money or anything of value. She was unable to give a description of who assaulted her, and told officers when asked why she didn’t want the police involved that she had planned to call after she got home from the hospital.