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Burden of proof
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Officers were called to a Southside apartment complex after reports of a gun shot. When the officers arrived on the scene, they spoke with a woman who said that she woke up to a loud bang and the sound of broken glass.

When she turned on the light, she saw a hole in her bedroom wall and another hole in the picture frame across the room.

The officer observed the angle of the hole and deduced that it likely came from the E building of the complex. He noticed there was a hole in the window of apartment two and made contact with the residents. A man at the apartment said that he was sitting in his living room around 3:40 a.m. and when he sat up his firearm accidentally discharged. He turned over his weapon and it was cleared. The man’s wife corroborated his story.

• An officer on radar duty clocked a vehicle travelling 66 mph in a 45 mph zone. He requested a nearby officer make a traffic stop while he caught up. The officer approached the vehicle and the driver was acting nervously and moving around within reach of several items that could be used as weapons, including a chisel and a tire iron. The officer asked the driver to step out of the vehicle and place his hands on the roof. When asked if he had any weapons, drugs, dead bodies or large sums of cash, the driver didn’t answer the question. The officer began to frisk him, and the man pulled his hands off the vehicle. The officer asked him to put his hands on the car, and he complied. This process of frisking and pulling hands from the vehicle repeated several times until the officer handcuffed the man for safety reasons. The officer walked him over to the patrol car and sat him in the backseat. He asked the driver whether he could search his vehicle and the driver said yes. At that time, the officer noticed that he had something in his mouth. When he asked him to spit it out, the man swallowed it. He said it was a Xanax. The officer asked again, and the man said it was a baggie with 20 crack rocks and 2 Xanax. EMS was called to the scene, and checked the man’s vital signs. They were normal. The suspect was arrested for speeding and tampering with evidence.

• Police responded to a shooting at Sharon’s Lounge on Montgomery St. A red vehicle was scene traveling north on Montgomery, away from the scene. The vehicle was stopped Jefferson and W. Gaston Street, and a backup officer saw an automatic pistol clip lying on the passenger seat. The driver was asked to step out of the car and was handcuffed. Back at the bar, officers discovered that a fight between a man and a woman inside the bar had drawn the attention of the bouncer, who attempted to remove the man from the establishment. While trying to remove the suspect, several men with him tried to start fighting the bouncers as they approached the door. In the crowd, someone fired a single .380 cal round into the bouncers abdomen. A man named “Snake” was cited as being the ring leader, and three of the other suspects were believed to be his sons. They are believed to know who fired the shot. The woman who was involved said she recognized one of the suspects from her niece’s birthday party. Another person in the bar said he overheard someone say “get the gun,” but he didn’t see who said it. The bouncer who’d been shot was sitting in a chair inside the establishment. A brass casing was found on the floor in the doorway of the business. Forensics responded to the scene and the bouncer was transported to the hospital.