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Burning desire
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A WOMAN CALLED POLICE after her ex-boyfriend tried to set her apartment on fire. It was shortly before 5:57 a.m. when the woman awoke to a loud crashing sound coming from her kitchen. She checked on her two children and then proceeded to investigate the disturbance. When she walked downstairs, she recalled stepping in some liquid, but "paid it no mind" because she was concentrated on the kitchen area. She then noticed an a man looking in at her through the side panel of window unit air conditioner. She identified the man as her ex-boyfriend who pleaded with her to "let me in so we can talk." The woman told him to go away and that she was going to call the police. The man than lit a magazine on fire and threw it into the apartment toward the liquid she had been standing in earlier, igniting it. The man ran away, and she ran upstairs to gather her children. The fire department, police and an arson investigator all were on the scene. A family member came to pick up her and her kids.

--A young man stopped into Precinct 4 to report that he had been robbed at gun point two days earlier. He said that around 3 a.m. he was in his apartment when he heard the front door open. He said he leaves the door unlocked usually because people are always coming and going. He entered the living room to see who had stopped by when he encountered a man in a ski mask, dressed in all black, wielding a semi-automatic handgun. He tried to push past the man when he saw a second man dressed in identical garb who pushed him to the ground and told him to get on the floor. While the first guy held him at gun point, the second "ransacked" his room. Both suspects kept asking "where is the money?" The second subject took his debit card and left the premises to go find an ATM. When he returned, he was accompanied by a third man, unmasked, wearing a white shirt and a blue vest. That guy told the first guy to beat him, which he proceeded to do, hitting him in the head with the gun and saying "this is for Ross." Several minutes later, the victim blacked out. When he awoke, all three individuals were gone, as was his 42" TV and a Playstation 3. The victim didn't call EMS, but instead washed his wounds and then drove to Atlanta (where he is from). He returned to Savannah to make the police report. He told officers he is moving back to Atlanta now because according to some of his friends at the college he attends there is "a bounty" out for him because "he makes movies that some people get angry about." The apartment was placed on the list for forensics. He said he was leaving town immediately and just needed the police report for school.

--An officer on patrol found two individuals around back of a pharmacy on E. Montgomery Crossroads, standing by the back door in the dark. They seemed surprised to him, so he asked them whether they could provide some identification and a reason for being there. The female gave her school ID, but the male said he had none. The officer asked him for his name, DOB and address, which he provided after a short pause. He also hesitated before spelling his first name. The officer suspected that the man was lying about his identity. He asked them both if they were on probation or parole. Dispatch said that they could not find any info on the male. The officer on the scene asked him again for ID, to which he again responded that he did not have any. The officer asked if he would consent to be searched. He consented to a pat down. The officer discovered what appeared to be a wallet, which the young man said he could not look at. He then explained that he was not who he'd said he was, and was on felony probation. He was charged with obstruction by providing false information. His bicycle was relinquished to his female companion who was released. The young man was transported to CCDC.