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Classic Blotter
We revisit some old favorites from past blotters
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Police were called to Home Run Video on East Liberty Street at about 12:45 a.m. on a report that two young men were breaking into the store. Several witnesses saw the suspects try to break the plate glass door. After that failed, they smashed a window with a rock. When police arrived, witnesses saw one of the men enter the door, then come out a short time later with two bags of property. He began running south along Bull Street. Officers gave chase and quickly had both suspects under arrest. Police recovered three boxes of Yu-Gi-Oh cards -- a total of 115 packs, 38 Snickers candy bars and 26 packs of Skittles.The suspects have been charged with one count each of burglary and were transported to the Chatham County Detention Center.

A woman told police she was sleeping in an abandoned trailer on Falcon Lane. When she woke, several of her personal items were missing, including a pair of shoes, a makeup bag with several lotions, and two cell phones, one belonging to another woman. She told police that several people living nearby had given her the name of the man who had her things.

Police responding to the report of a domestic dispute were told by a woman that she "had feelings" that her husband was allowing other people to have sex with her while she slept. She said people were outside watching the house. The woman "had the appearance and actions of someone who is high on meth." They found a plastic bag with a white substance that the woman said belonged to her husband. The woman and her three children were picked up by her sister, who said the family was trying to get the woman help for substance abuse.

When police responded to a report of a large group of males preparing to fight, the participants decided not to fight. However, police "noticed a young boy in the group who was much younger than the others." He "became annoyed" when asked his name and was placed in the back of a police cruiser to be taken home. The officer spoke with his mother, who was surprised when the officer asked her to take custody of her son. She said "she thought he was in the house playing video games."

A woman went to her grandmother's house to do laundry. She observed that someone had been in the house. When an officer arrived, he observed a taped-up hole in the door where a window had been. Two suspects were identified after two speeding tickets belonging to one of the men were found on a table.

A woman told police that as she drove north on Waters Avenue, some juveniles were throwing rocks. As she went into the intersection at Park Avenue, she heard a rock hit her windshield. She followed the juveniles to East 31st Street and confronted one of them. As she spoke to the juvenile, an elderly man came out and began shouting verbal abuse at the woman. Even after she retreated to her vehicle, she said the man continued to shout. She left the scene and observed the juveniles also leaving the scene, leading her to think they do not live there. She was given a case report number.

Officers responded to a complaint about a juvenile on Dodge Avenue. When they arrived, a woman told them a neighbor child threw cookies and onions at her son, hitting her house. Officers spoke with the child and his mother, who said the two boys had argued. One threw shoes at the other's house, and the other responded by throwing cookies. The boys were made to clean up the mess. Officers did not observe any property damage.