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A woman walking her dog at Wahlburg and Barnard streets observed a man trying to break into her car with a crow bar. She told him, "Dude, you better run." The man brandished the crow bar and said, "Bring it on," but the woman's dog growled and he dropped the crow bar and ran.

The woman flagged down a police officer. While she was talking to him, she observed the man come out of a lane and said, "That's him." The officer called for backup. When the suspect saw the officers arrive, he hesitated and was placed into custody.


-- A man was arrested after he was discovered sleeping under some covers on a mattress in the bedroom of a residence he had broken into. Police were called to a West 43rd Street residence by a man who said he noticed the rear door of his property had been forced open. A window next to the rear door had been broken, as well. The victim said he entered the building and observed someone sleeping on a mattress in a bedroom, at which point he went back down the stairs and called police.

The responding officer also observed the man sleeping in the bedroom. The officer woke the man and asked him why he was at the residence The man responded that a cousin who used to live at the residence gave him permission to be there. When he admitted that he knew the cousin had since moved, he was arrested.


-- A man called police after he was attacked on Bernie Drive. Upon the arrival of an officer, the man said that he was standing in the "cut" urinating when a man called "Booger" called him a "faggot" and punched him in the mouth. The man refused to tell police why Booger had attacked him. During further questioning, the man told police that Booger took $50 from him during the attack. The man then changed his story and said that Booger took nothing.The man told police he would look for Booger later. He refused to give them any information about the attacker, other than he is called Booger. Police said the man smelled heavily of alcohol.


-- The manager of an Abercorn Street restaurant told police that a former employee had struck her in the face.
The victim told police she had fired the woman earlier. She said the suspect returned to the restaurant a few minutes later and said, "I guess now that I am fired I can kick your ass!" The suspect then proceeded to strike the victim. The incident was caught on tape by security cameras. The owner of the restaurant was advised to save the tapes. The victim
didn't have any signs of injury and refused treatment by EMS. She was issued a case report number card and advised of warrant procedures.

-- An officer responded to an Abercorn Street apartment building on report of a person with a knife. When the officer arrived on the scene, a man said that his neighbor, who lived a few doors down, was outside his door yelling and being disorderly. He said his neighbor was very intoxicated. The man said he confronted the neighbor and was going to ask him to please settle down, but noticed that the neighbor was carrying a knife in his right hand. He said the neighbor told him, "Get the f*** on before I cut you." Although he couldn't see the handle of the knife, the man estimated that the blade was about 6 inches long. He said  he was advised by the downstairs doorman to call the police. The officer contacted the neighbor and asked him what was going on between him and the other man. He replied that nothing was going on, but he was very intoxicated and not cooperating with the officer. While speaking with the neighbor, the officer noticed a steak knife on the floor. The neighbor refused to give his name or date of birth, but the officer obtained the information from other occupants of his apartment.


-- A man was driving near the intersection of Cloverdale Drive and Elmore Street when a teen boy threw a hammer at his car, hitting the trunk. The hammer put two dents in the car's trunk. The victim said the suspect ran off with the hammer and in the company of a young girl. An officer found a boy and girl who matched the description given by the victim. The boy had two hammers on his person. He was arrested and released to the custody of his mother. In the officer's presence, the boy admitted throwing the hammer at the car because his girlfriend "wanted him to throw the hammers at vehicles."