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Crime waits for no one
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Police were called because someone was knocking on a woman’s door and when she asked him to leave he refused. An officer arrived and spoke to the man, who said he wasn’t the man the police were looking for. He told them that the suspect had left already.

Police then spoke with the woman who called the police and who informed them that the man they spoke with was indeed the suspect. She told them that the man did not live at her residence, but that his wife was staying there because he had beaten her up. The suspect was very intoxicated and continued to try and lie. He told police that he had walked to the residence. The woman told police that he had driven the red SUV parked in front of her house. The wasted guy said that he didn’t know who the car belonged to, and was then arrested for public intoxication. A key to the SUV was found in his pocket. The vehicle was towed and the man was taken to jail.

• An officer spotted a vehicle going 52 mph in a 35 mph zone on Johnny Mercer Boulevard. He pulled over the car and asked the driver for license and registration. The driver complied. The officer noticed unopened beer in the back of the car as well as a slight odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle. The officer asked the driver if he had been drinking. He said no, but that he had been at the beach earlier and someone had spilled some beer in his car. The officer asked him to step out of the vehicle and noted that he was unsteady on his feet. The driver consented to performing field sobriety tests. He failed the horizontal gaze nystagmus, but did ok with the stand on one leg test. However, the driver, who was only 19, tested positive for alcohol (.045) during a preliminary breath test and was taken to the precinct. The officer read the driver the Implied Consent for Drivers Under 21. The driver didn’t know how to respond. He was released to his father.

• A woman called police because she and her estranged husband had gotten into an altercation. She told officers that her husband had been waiting on her in the parking lot outside of a club, and when she exited the building he began to yell at her. The situation escalated when he punched her in the head. The woman’s husband was not on the scene. The woman had swelling around her nose and on the side of her head. She was transported to the hospital by EMS.

• A woman stopped at a precinct to report that she had been receiving harassing phone calls from a former boyfriend. She stated that he had called and told her to tell another woman to return his personal property, and that if she does not he will have the complainant charged with receiving stolen property. The suspect then called again two days later, and that he had called ten times that day repeating the same message. The woman said that she and her fianc  are both on probation and that she is afraid any accusations made might get them in trouble. She said her ex was recently released from prison. She was advised of warrant procedures.

• Police stopped a vehicle because a brake light was out, and it didn’t have a license plate. The driver said he had just bought the car, and that was why it didn’t have a license plate. The man told the officer he had just gotten out of prison for burglary and didn’t have a driver’s license. He said he needed to get home because he’d left his six–year old step son there alone. The child’s mother was contacted. The driver consented to be searched. He was arrested for driving without a license. After arriving at CCDC, officers discovered a bag of marijuana as the arrestee was booked. It had been tucked into a fold in his jacket pocket.