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Crimes of the heart
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A strip club manager called police to report a man refusing to pay for his lap dances.

When officers arrived, they spoke with “Mia” who told them that the man owed her for a total of 13 dances at $30 per dance. She said that it was explained to him before entering the room that payment was expected on a per song basis. The man said that he had only received three dances, and that he and “Mia” had spent most of the time talking about his yoga business. A manager provided a tally sheet of dances as evidence. The man was arrested for theft of services.

• Police were called in reference to a prowler. It was not a mysterious prowler, but one who had been previously banned from the apartment complex. Police arrived at the apartment indicated in the call, and spoke with the woman who lived there. They asked whether she knew where the suspect was, and she said that he had left. However, she granted police entry and allowed them to search the premises. They found the suspect hiding under a pile of clothes. An officer asked why he was hiding under the clothes, to which the suspect responded unintelligibly. The officer asked him whether he was banned from the premises, and he responded that he didn’t know what the officer was talking about. When asked for his personal information, the suspect then gave them a false date of birth. Officers asked the woman why she had lied to them about the suspect’s whereabouts, and she replied that she wanted the suspect to be able to see his children. She was warned about giving false information to the police. The suspect had been banned only two days prior for a criminal trespass charge. He was arrested for giving false information and criminal trespass.

• While working off duty as security, an officer saw a man exit a downtown club and open–hand slap another guy in the face. Officers immediately intervened, and attempted to place the slapper under arrest for disorderly conduct. Once the suspect was cuffed, his girlfriend approached the officers, who asked her to back away. She refused and was told by an officer that she could pick up her man from the Chatham County Detention Center. Due to the number of pedestrians, the officers wanted to move the suspect away from the area, but his girlfriend intervened. “Well, I will go to jail with my man. I guess you gone have to arrest me then. I’m not going anywhere without him,” she was reported to have told officers. The officers complied with her wishes and began to put her in handcuffs. Her boyfriend unleashed a string of epithets at the officer, including comments about his race and that he was a “hoe–ass.” He attempted to headbutt an officer and was slung to the ground. The man had a strong odor of alcohol emanating from him and appeared intoxicated. He was charged with disorderly conduct, obstruction by hindering and simple assault. It was not reported whether he and his girlfriend were taken to jail together.

• A man was bitten by a dog and called police. The man reported that he had been walking along Mississippi Avenue when a tiger striped pit bull came underneath a fence and bit him. The man had attempted to flee from the dog, but was unable to escape. EMS arrived to treat his injuries. Police made contact with the owner of the dog. She explained that she was in the yard when the man approached to speak with her. It was then that the pit bull, named “Bosslady,” attacked him. Animal control arrived on the scene and the dog was taken into custody because it had no record of shots.  cs