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Crowd control
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Officers were called to assist with crowd control as the bars were letting out around three in the morning. A large, unruly group of people were blocking traffic on the corner of Whitaker and Congress. The officers requested that the people move toward a sidewalk and allow vehicles to pass. None of them complied, except for one particularly drunk male, who moved unsteadily toward the sidewalk. Once he was on the curb, the man jumped back into the street, laughed and shouted some obscenities at the officers. He was taken to a police car, at which point he stated, "man, please don't arrest me." He was arrested for public drunkenness and failure to yield.

-- Police responded to a call about an altercation between a mother and her son, and upon arrival found the two of them arguing inside the family's mobile home. The officers asked the woman to come outside, but the son followed and tried to take a swing at his mother. Police attempted to control the situation, but the young man turned and began throwing punches at the officers, at which point he was pepper-sprayed in the eyes. Refusing to cease and desist, the young man got up and ran blindly into the side of a neighboring mobile home. He was immediately handcuffed and taken into custody, at which point he began threatening to kill his family and himself. His mother reported that he had a history of psychiatric issues, at which point he was taken to a hospital for evaluation.

-- A woman stopped at a check cashing store to get a money order to pay her rent. Upon exiting with the cashier's check, she was stopped by a man with a Jamaican accent who asked her for directions. She offered to help get him directions on her mobile phone, but while she was removing the phone from her pocket, she accidentally dropped the rent check. A second man approached her and said that he had $10,000 waiting for him at the bus station, and that if she could help him get it, he would pay her. He pulled out a large roll of bills from his pocket, which the first man told him to keep concealed. The second man then handed the woman what supposed to be a large roll of bills wrapped in a handkerchief that she was going to hold for him because he trusted her. When she got home, she discovered the check was missing and the handkerchief contained a roll of newspaper cut to the size of currency.

-- A 66-year old woman had stopped at Cracker Barrel when a thin, greasy haired man tried to initiate a conversation with her. She made it known to her potential suitor that she wasn't interested in small talk, and he went out to the parking lot. When she left the building, she saw him sitting in his car, which was parked next to her car. She turned around to head back inside and he tried to catch up with her. When she made it inside, he turned around and drove away.

-- Police were called about two shoplifters at a Southside Dollar Store. When police arrived they found two women trying to hide and sneak out the front door. There was a pile of merchandise from the store in a pile on the floor. The store owner showed police a surveillance video of the two women stuffing items into a purse and in their shirts. The women gave fake names, social security numbers and dates of birth to the police. They also stated that police couldn't arrest one of the women because she was a juvenile. After finding personal identification for both women in their car, police ascertained that neither was a juvenile, and that one had an outstanding warrant for shoplifting.