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Dammit Jim I'm a doctor not a shrimp boat captain
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An abandoned 60-foot shrimp boat named "Dammit" took on water and sank this past June 6 while TowBoatUS employees working with Police Marine Patrol and the Coast Guard were pumping out water so they could move it.

An outrigger of the boat fell onto the bow of one of the TowBoatUS crafts, sinking it as well, about 8 p.m.

Marine units had been working with the Dammit for some time after it broke loose from its moorings and drifted to the docks near Beauliu Road on the Vernon River. Residents secured it to avoid damage to boats and docks and the marine unit towed it to Crooked Creek until the owner was established.

"That ownership has proven difficult to establish because of the deaths of the couple shown as registered owners" say police, adding that the bank with a loan on the boat had sold it to another company that has since filed bankruptcy.

Police and Coast Guard were called to Crooked Creek the day before for a complaint that the boat had drifted aground and was listing to one side. They found that someone had removed the stern anchor, allowing it to drift ashore. The decision was made to move it to the shoreline of county-owned property in Turner's Creek.

According to police, Dammit and another boat of the same owner, Po Boy II, have been issues for boaters, residents and authorities since March 2010. In March 2011 they were reported adrift in the Vernon River and hazardous. They became issues again in March, October and November, 2011, and February 2012.

Complaints resumed in May that the Dammit was adrift again and not displaying lights at night. Police have affixed lights to the Dammit. One light was destroyed in Wednesday's incident. Cases are pending in State Court of Chatham County.

-- A 70-year-old Savannah landlord was charged with two felonies and a misdemeanor after shooting and killing a tethered dog he said attacked him.

James Harris Wrenn was charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, possession of a firearm in committing a crime and discharging a firearm in a residential area after the incident in the Hollow Oak Campground on Fort Argyle Road.

The owner of the dog said he tethered the dog with a chain in front of a camper near his father's mobile home to allow Wrenn to address an electrical problem Monday, about 6 p.m.

After repairing the problem, Wrenn said the dog tried to bite a neighbor and then knocked him down, trying to bite him in the groin. Wrenn was bitten on the hand when he tried to fend the dog off.

Wrenn then went to his truck, which was parked away from the dog, obtained a pistol, returned to the dog and shot at him nine times, hitting him at least twice. Neighbors said he reloaded the gun during the shooting.

Police removed Wrenn from the location to help calm down neighbors and had an emergency medical service treat him for the bite before transporting him to the Chatham County Detention Center.

SCMPD West Chatham commander, Capt. Phillip Reilley, called the incident horrific and said, "we are fortunate no one was injured by this senseless act."

-- A gunshot victim showed up at hospital three days after a shooting incident at a local Wal-Mart.

Jametrious Ervin, 18, showed up at St Josephs Candler Hospital suffering from at least one gunshot wound. Ervin told police he was shot Saturday, June 2, around 9:30 p.m., at the Wal-Mart on Ogeechee Road.

Saturday, witnesses called police and advised them of a scuffle and gunshots. Since then police have been investigating trying to determine exactly what happened. At the time they did not have any suspects or a victim. There was some blood found at the scene and they did recover a hand gun.

Detectives pulled surveillance video from the store and it showed a dark green Dodge Intrepid backing into a parking spot. Shortly after, a Silver Nissan Titan backed into the spot next to the Intrepid. Everyone exited the vehicles and a lot of motion could be seen, then what appeared to be a struggle. Gun shots were heard then the individuals seemed to scatter. Forensics processed the scene and detectives are continuing to investigate.