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Definitely not angels
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Two females caught the attention of an off–duty officer, but not because of their looks or their interesting conversation.
While working security at a West Broughton Street club, the officer noticed things landing on the ground near him. It was like someone was throwing things at him, but the things were at the wrong angle to have been thrown at him from the street.

Eventually, he noticed that it was two females on the roof above him. When he looked up and spotted them, they immediately ducked to try and avoid being seen. Twenty minutes before closing time, some liquid came down from the room, hitting two bystanders (but not the officer).
The officer then spotted the girls in the apartment directly above them. One of the bystanders said that he’d seen the ladies before, and that they frequently dropped things on club goers. The officer was unable to get them to come downstairs and talk, and was unable to get up to their apartment door because the front door of the building was locked.

• Police responded to a report of a middle-age man passed out on a sidewalk on the west side. The man was unresponsive. The officer was able to rouse the man and asked him for his information. While he was being checked for outstanding warrants, the man asked if he could smoke a cigarette. The officer said that he could. When the man reached into his pocket in search of cigarettes and a lighter, he accidently dropped a small baggie, which contained a leafy green substance that officer believed to be marijuana. The officer’s suspicions were confirmed, and the man was arrested for possession.

• A Stone Mountain resident might have had too much to drink while downtown one night. An officer on patrol saw the man punch a piece of plywood covering a storefront window. The officer asked the man if he’d be able to keep his hands to himself, and noticed that he wasn’t very stable (in a physics sense, not emotionally).
He told the officer that he “didn’t do shit wrong.” The officer got out of his car and asked the man to come back and talk to him. The man’s companions told him to keep walking. The officer said he’d be charged with obstruction if he didn’t come back.

After the threat of a charge, the man said that the officer was “just trying to show off.” Another unit rolled up and the man no longer was given a choice about whether to return to the police cruiser. His eyes were blood shot and glassy, and he smelled strongly of alcohol. The man was yelling that everything was “f***ed up.” He unleashed a stream of profanity, including calling another officer “nothing but a p***y ass nigga.”  He was arrested for public drunkenness, obstruction and abusive language.

• Police went to a convenience store on the south side in response to a report of a disorderly person. They spoke with a store employee who said that a young man came in and asked for two cigars. She told him it would be 75 cents. He said he only had 50 cents.

According to the rules of capitalism, she told him that he didn’t have enough money for his desired purchase. He asked if he could bring it in next time. She said no. He then started knocking over displays and throwing items around the store. He left in a dark blue Chevy. She had written down the tag number. Police went to the residence indicated on the registration, but the man wasn’t there.