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Different year, same blotter
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The first incident report of the New Year (CRN 100101001) - and the new decade - was a one car accident on I-516 heading west bound. Just a few minutes before midnight a young woman driving a Honda Accord struck the guard rail on the left hand side of the road. The driver lost control of her vehicle and landed in the ditch on the far right side of the road. The driver stated that she had consumed alcohol earlier in the evening and believed that she was driving too fast. The vehicle was towed. Happy New Year.

-- The third incident report 2010 was titled criminal trespass, but seemed like it had more to do with damaged property. About ten minutes after the ball dropped in Times Square, a bullet dropped through the roof of a woman's house. She found the bullet and had it sitting on her kitchen table when officers arrived. As people began firing weapons into the air, the bullet went through her roof and left a small but noticeable hole. No one was injured. She felt that the damage would cost about $200 to fix, and wanted to have the police report for insurance purposes.

-- The first homicide of the year happened on January fourth at five o'clock in the afternoon. Police responded to a call regarding a stabbing on Tuten Ave. Upon arrival, they found the victim who was immediately transported to the hospital with life threatening injuries. He was later pronounced dead. At two o'clock in the morning on January fifth, police located the suspect, Claude Youmans, who witnesses had seen fleeing the crime scene the day before. He was arrested and transported to CCDC.

-- An officer on patrol in the area of River Street observed a white male standing outside a bar with a large cut across his face and blood on his shirt. The man was with his fiancé. They told police that while in the bar a white male with a red cell phone, plaid shirt and skinny jeans struck the man in the face with a bottle. They then said that they were thrown out of the bar by bouncers. After talking with the bouncers, it was determined that they didn't throw the man out of the bar, and no one was sure who it was that had escorted him out. EMS was called to treat the man with the cut face, but he was not transported to the hospital for further treatment. The manager was unable to view security tapes at the moment, but did give officers his number so that he could be contacted at a later date.

-- Officers arrested three suspects after a car chase that began in South Carolina. In the afternoon, the Jasper County Sheriff's Office informed SCMPD's dispatch that deputies were following a stolen car toward Savannah. Several suspects had shoplifted in the Hilton Head area and then stolen two pick up trucks - one green and the other gold. Beaufort County Sheriffs pursued the suspects. The gold truck rammed a deputy's vehicle and attempted to run over another deputy. The gold truck then split off from the green truck and was later stopped, resulting in the arrest of four individuals. The green truck continued toward Savannah but then lost control on the Back River bridge and struck an oncoming SUV. The driver fled on foot and all three occupants of the vehicle were rounded up by officers. The truck had originally been reported stolen almost a week ago, and had been reported several days earlier as part of a shoplifting incident at Burlington Coat Factory.