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Digital divide
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A WOMAN called police after she noticed that someone had drilled holes into her laptop computer. She suspected her ex-boyfriend.

She told police she and the man had dated for six years before recently ending their relationship. She said she was awakened that morning at 4 a.m. by someone rubbing her face and discovered the man was in her bedroom. The man said he wanted to talk to her. He asked if their relationship was “really over.” He said he wanted her to look him in the eyes and say “It’s over.”

The woman said she told him the relationship was indeed over and she threatened to call police if the man didn’t leave. She said he left the house but later that afternoon, she noticed the damaged laptop.

She said that although they dated, she and the man never lived together and have no children together. She said he doesn’t have a key and she suspects he climbed through a window to get into her house.

• An officer arrived at a West 37th Street rooming house to investigate a domestic dispute. A man was sitting on the front porch, with his shirt off, and signs of oil on his back as if it had been thrown on him.

There also was a cut on a knuckle on the man’s left hand. He told the officer nothing was going on and refused treatment by EMS. His wife came out onto the porch and also said nothing was going on. Both seemed to be slightly intoxicated.

The couple began hugging each other and said that everything was okay.

• A man ran out of gasoline in his car near Montgomery Street and Derenne Avenue, so he walked down to a nearby gas station. He told police that he approached a vehicle in the parking lot and began saying, “Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me.”

Instead of replying, the driver ignored the man and turned away. At that point, the man said, “Forget you, asshole.”

The driver rolled down his window and told the man he was going to kick his butt. The man responded that he would call police if he tried.

The man told police that the drive accelerated on the gas and then hit the brakes. The man said the vehicle hit the curb and tapped him on the right leg. The driver then backed up and drove off. A witness parked nearby in a truck told police he saw the incident occur.

• An officer was called to a department store on Victory Drive on a report of a forgery. When the officer arrived, a man said he was in the store about 1:30 p.m. As he left, two women bumped into him.

The man returned to his car and headed to another store. When he got out, he reached for his wallet, but it was gone.

He returned to the first store and spoke with the cashier who waited on him. She said she saw him put the wallet back in his pocket. The man returned home to call his credit card companies to cancel his credit cards. He was told that one had already been used at a gasoline station on Skidaway Road. Employees at the service station said security cameras were operational and might have captured the suspects on tape.

• A Garrard Avenue resident told police her ex-boyfriend came to apartment to visit their daughter. She said she asked him to leave, which the man did. A short time later, the woman noticed her car keys were missing, along with her house key. She said she called her ex-boyfriend on the phone and asked him if he had the keys.

The man admitted he had the keys, and the woman asked him to bring them back. She said he told her he would bring them back later, so the woman called police.

While an officer was present, the woman tried again to contact the man, but he wouldn’t answer his phone. Problems have been ongoing with the couple, and other police reports have been filed about incidents between the two.

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