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'Do you want to talk now?'
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from recent Savannah/Chatham Police incident reports

A disorderly person was reported on Bacon Park Drive, and an officer arrived on the scene to learn the suspect was actually the victim’s landlord.

A man and woman told the officer the suspect had just left the scene. At one point, the man told the officer that he would shoot and kill the suspect if he came back.

The couple said they hadn’t paid their rent because the landlord hadn’t fixed leaks in the roof. When the landlord came over to attempt to collect the rent, they said he told the man, “Come off the porch and I will f--k you up.”

The couple said the suspect then became very disorderly and kept saying he was going to kick them out. They responded that he would have to do it through the courts, and he told them he was leaving and would come back with his pistol.

The officer took the report and left the scene, but was called back by both the tenants and the landlord. Upon the officer’s arrival, the suspect said he had been at the house earlier in the day to collect he money the couple owed him.

He said that as soon as he approached the house, the man came out and began cursing at him. The landlord said he left the scene to keep things from getting out of hand. When he found out the police had been called, he returned to the house so he could give his statement. He said he didn’t threaten any bodily harm and also said that he didn’t say anything about a pistol.

The tenant said when the landlord returned, he began driving slowly by the residence. He said he was outside at the time, and the landlord rolled down his window, reached down into his car and said, “Do you want to talk now?”

• A Causton Bluff resident reported that a man had been throwing rocks at her house and knocking on her door.

The woman told the man to leave her property and stop throwing rocks at the house, but he kept throwing the rocks, anyway. Two officers went to check the backyard, and the man began throwing rocks at them. A chair and table had been removed from a storage shed and broken. As the officers continued to search, the man again began throwing rocks at them.

It was determined that the rocks were coming from the suspect’s house, and two additional backup units were called to the scene. The man was arrested and charged with simple battery.

• A woman was working at a store on Gateway Boulevard when a man walked past the store. At the time, the woman was with her mother, who was a customer in the store. The mother said, “Oh, he must have the hots for you.” When the woman asked why, her mother responded, “Because he sure was staring.”

After the woman’s mother left, the man returned to the store. She said he grabbed the upper part of her arm, then grabbed her waist and pulled her close.

The woman managed to break free and called police. The suspect fled.

• An officer was called to a Middleground Road apartment in response to an argument between a woman and her boyfriend.

She said that earlier in the day, he had thrown her cell phone while they were arguing at a fast-food restaurant. When they arrived at her apartment, they continued to argue. The woman left with their daughter, but returned on two occasions because the man claimed she had his clothing. When the woman returned the second time, the man took the baby inside the apartment.

When the woman followed, he grabbed her and prevented her from leaving by pushing her. He told the officer he stopped the woman because her car was unregistered and without insurance, so he didn’t want her to drive.

When the officer arrived on the scene, the couple was outside, the man sitting on the car. The man had scratches on his left forearm, but refused treatment by EMS. The woman wasn’t injured.

The car was checked, but it met all legal requirements. The woman left the scene, and the man remained inside her apartment.