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Domestic bliss
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POLICE WERE called to Columbus Drive for a domestic dispute. When they arrived, they saw a man, who appeared to be extremely intoxicated, sitting on the porch.

One officer spoke with the man, while another spoke with the man’s girlfriend. She said her boyfriend had been living in her house for more than 18 months.

The man had begun drinking heavily, and earlier in the day, they’d begun arguing about his infidelity. She said for no reason he attacked her and threw her against the walls and on the floor, then beat her with a hammer, a broom handle and a pot lid.

The man insisted there was no physical altercation and that some cabinets fell on his girlfriend. He sustained a small scratch on his right arm, but wasn’t able to explain how the scratch got there.

Large bruises could be seen all over the woman’s body. Both were treated at the scene by EMS, and the man was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

• A woman was taken to a hospital after being stabbed by a fork. She told police she was walking to her sister’s house on Draper Street in Kayton Homes when she came across her girlfriend.

She said she and her girlfriend have been having problems and she suspected her girlfriend was cheating on her. When the two saw each other, they began arguing.

The woman said her girlfriend was holding a fork and pointed it at her face. She said the fork somehow caught her in the face, and she had four visible prong marks underneath her left eye, causing it to swell.

The woman said she knows her girlfriend “didn’t mean to do it.” After the incident, she said her girlfriend apologized and began crying nonstop while saying, “I didn’t know it was that close.”

The woman declined to press charges and refused to give police her girlfriend’s name. Nurses at the hospital told police that the woman appeared to have been stabbed by the fork because the prong marks were so deep.

• A woman left her home to go out of town, and a friend stopped by every day to feed her cat. She also had a local contracting company working outside the house while she was away.

When the woman returned from her trip, she found that several items were missing, including the hard drive from her computer, three purses, two piggy banks and a bottle of vodka. She said the house was found neatly in order and she didn’t realized anything was missing until she went to retrieve one of the purses, which had been hidden in the kitchen closet and contained keys to two Mercedes in the garage.

While searching the house, the woman saw her underwear drawer had been ransacked. She said when she got home, the house’s doors were still locked.

The alarm wasn’t activated because her friend was stopping by every day to feed the cat. The woman insisted her friend didn’t steal the items.

There was no visible evidence of forced entry. The woman was given a case report number card and forensics was called to process the scene for evidence.

• An officer observed a woman driving west on Oglethorpe Avenue towards Habersham Street. The window tint on the driver and passenger side windows of her pickup truck appeared darker than the legal limit.

When the officer checked the tag, it showed the tag had been issued to a car, not a pickup truck. The officer initiated a traffic stop. The woman began crying and said she knew the tag didn’t belong on the truck. She also said her driver’s license was suspended.

Another check confirmed that the tag that should have been on the truck was expired. The woman’s driver’s license had six active suspensions, the most recent for failure to appear in court.

The woman was arrested and charged with having a suspended driver’s license, use of a tag to conceal or misrepresent the identity of a vehicle, and window tint violation. The woman was taken to the Chatham County Detention Center and the truck was towed.

Police were called to the parking lot of an Ogeechee Road sandwich shop because of a fight. The woman who made the complaint said she was on her way home from visiting her son, who is in jail.

She said she and her husband were having “a conflict of interest.” He wanted to be dropped off at her stepsister’s house, and she wanted to go home because she’s pregnant and wasn’t feeling well.

The woman called her stepsister and told her where she could pick her husband up. She dropped her him off at a fast-food restaurant at Ogeechee Road and Chatham Parkway, then drove away.

She said she began having pains in her stomach, and pulled over into the sandwich shop parking lot. Her husband and stepsister drove by, saw her and stopped.

She said her stepsister began yelling at her, saying she was going to “f--k her up and kick her f--king ass.” She said she was afraid and wants to prosecute. She was given a case report number card and advised on warrant procedures.