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Domestic violence, with a car
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Domestic violence, with a car

A woman was accused of running her boyfriend down with her car during an argument on Beech Street.

Police were called to the scene in reference to an assault. An officer saw a man lying on his back in the street in obvious discomfort.

People in the area who witnessed the fight said that the man had been run down by his girlfriend. A lookout was broadcast on all channels for the car and suspect. One of the witnesses said he had seen the couple parked in a car, both striking each other with open and closed hands. The man left the car from the front passenger side, walked to the driver’s side and opened the driver’s door.

The two continued fighting physically until the man disengaged himself and stepped back from the car. At that point, the woman drive the car forward, and turned.

The man stepped into her path, with his hand up. The witnesses said she slowed the car and attempted to get around the man, but he moved and placed himself in front of the car ahead and she ran him down.

• A man was arrested and charged with shoplifting at an Abercorn Street convenience store after attempting to steal 50 cents worth of merchandise.

An officer saw the owner of the store and the suspect arguing as they walked out of the store. The owner told the officer that he saw the suspect place one 25 cent granola bar and a 25 cent package of candy in his pocket.

The suspect then purchased a cigar and tried to leave the store with the candy and granola bar. The owner said at that point, he locked the exit doors and advised the suspect he was calling police.

The two then exchanged words and the suspect punched the owner in the right eye. The officer observed redness and swelling under the owner’s right eye, but the victim refused treatment by EMS.

• A fight broke out at the intersection of Reynolds and Seiler. The officer who responded spoke with a woman who said her boyfriend got jealous and punched her on the right side of her face. She said he also slammed her on the ground, but told the officer she didn’t need treatment from EMS. There was some noticeable swelling on the right side of her face.

The suspect had taken the woman’s phone so the officer called the cell number and spoke with the man. He agreed to return to the scene to speak with police. He claimed he hadn’t hit the woman at all, but that she bit him on the left side of his face.

• A woman staying at an Abercorn Street inn called police to say she’d received a threatening phone call from a man.

She said the man told her that another man they both know had been sentenced to prison, and that when he gets out, he’s going to be looking for her. The man told her that someone may already be looking for her now.

The woman said the man who has been sentenced thinks she is the reason he was arrested because she was the last person he spoke to before officers with the Chatham Narcotics Team walked up on him. She said she feels threatened by the conversation and asked that it be documented.

• Police were called to a restaurant in Skidaway Village on a report that a minor tried to purchase alcohol with a false ID.

An officer spoke with a restaurant employee, who said a young man had asked to buy a drink and displayed a false Oklahoma driver’s license. When the employee Googled the address on the ID, it came back as invalid. A second employee said the young man asked her for an alcoholic beverage and displayed the same ID. She asked the man for his date of birth and said he had a difficult time remembering the date of birth on the false ID.

The officer walked to the bar, and the young man was still there. He identified himself and told the officer he knew why he was there. The suspect admitted displaying a false ID that he got “from some people at college,” and said he knew the ID was false. His real age is 19.

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