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Don't mess with the Binky
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K-9 COPS have been busy lately. An early morning burglar was surprised Dec. 26 by a police K-9, who put the bite on him.

Police responded to an alarm at Medical, Dental Supply Co. on Drayton St. When they arrived, they saw the front door of the business had been shattered and computers had been carried outside.

Officers set up a perimeter and Cpl. Amanda McGruder and her K-9 partner Binky were called to the scene. They entered the business and located Venson Bernard White, 36, hiding in a tight crawl space in the upper level of the building.

White surrendered to police after a brief struggle with Binky.

• A Jasmine Avenue resident told police she went to her car to retrieve five money orders and noticed they were missing.

Mail and other items left in the car with the money orders were thrown throughout the car. The woman searched throughout the car but couldn’t find the money orders.

There weren’t any signs of forced entry to the vehicle. The woman said her car should have been locked, but one of the locks “acts funny.”

The officer checked the door locks, but they operated properly. However, one of the door panels was loose and could prevent the door lock from locking.

When asked why it took her so long to report the incident to police, the woman said she wasn’t in “the right frame of mind” and was upset that someone in the same situation as she was would steal from her. She said she’d already called the money-order company and reported the theft.

The officer didn’t call forensics to process the car because the woman said she’d packed all of her belongings up and moved them into the car, then left the area to stay at a hotel located on Hunter Army Airfield. When asked why she moved everything before police were notified, she said she wasn’t going to stay in a place where people are going to steal from her.

The woman said she was moving back to South Carolina to her sister’s house. She already had her car packed and ready to go.

• An officer was dispatched to Louisiana Avenue, where he saw two women fighting. One woman was in the street and the other was on the front lawn.

The first woman said she came to the residence to meet with her ex-boyfriend about their 2-year-old daughter being bitten by a dog. She said she was at the front door when the second woman got out of her car and began arguing with her.

She said the woman was threatening to “kick her ass” and started undoing the belt in her pants to use it to beat her with it. She said she ran to her car to get a knife for self protection. The two were advised on warrant procedures.

• A Davidson Avenue resident told police she locked her house before leaving it at 10 a.m. When she returned 30 minutes later, the back kitchen window had been broken out. The woman said several rooms in the house had been ransacked and a Nintendo Wii and an Apple iPod were missing. The officer saw that the kitchen window had been broken out at the bottom.

In the living room, all the doors to the television stand had been left open. In the bedroom, several dresser doors were opened.

The woman said the iPod had been kept in one of the dressers. In the son’s bedroom, the officer said that the drawers had all been open, and the woman said the Wii had been taken off the dresser in his room.

The neighbors on either side were questioned. One said that she had seen an unknown man in the backyard.

The other neighbor said while the officer was speaking with the victim, three teenage boys were walking down the street, but when they saw the police car, they ran north towards the wood line. The house was processed by forensics, and a look-out was posted for the possible suspect. cs

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