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Don't mow my grass
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Officers were called to the 4400 block of Ogeechee Rd. in regard to a disorderly person. When an officer arrived, he spoke with the caller, who explained that he had been mowing an overgrown vacate lot when a resident of the adjacent trailer park came out and became agitated with the landscaper. When the officer went to get the resident's side of the story, the officer noticed the man was holding a marijuana plant. He attempted to stop the green thumbed suspect, who then became disorderly with him as well. The man became aggressive, and on two different occasions tried to take the officer's gun. A second officer arrived on the scene and deployed his taser. The suspect was subdued and charged with manufacturing marijuana, possession of more than one ounce, and two counts of felony obstruction. He was transported to CCDC.

-- An SCMPD officer was assigned to assist the Governor's Office of Highway Safety with a traffic check point in Thunderbolt. The officer was tasked with stopping any vehicles that attempted to elude the stop. Shortly after 9pm, a dark colored pick up truck tried to avoid the check point, and the officer went in pursuit, activating his emergency lights. The driver of the truck sped up in an attempt to escape, but lost control of his vehicle and struck a fire hydrant. The driver fled on foot, and the officer continued pursuit, at which time the driver turned around and fired a shot at the officer, striking the taser attached to his utility belt. The officer returned fire and the suspect continued running. A short time later, a man was admitted to the hospital suffering from a gun shot wound. It was the driver, who was then charged with aggravated assault of a police officer. The officer was not injured when the bullet struck his taser.

-- The Democratic Representative for the 12th District might have won the primary, but he lost a computer when his Savannah campaign office was burglarized last week. Property managers reported the break-in at Congressman John Barrow's office to police, saying that they had left at 5:30pm the previous day, and returned to find that the door had been smashed by a brick and boxes of envelopes and papers had been overturned and strewn about the office. The building's management mentioned that there had been two employees that had recently been fired after being caught lying, and the damage might have been revenge. A computer and a wireless router were taken. Forensics and the local FBI office were both called. Forensics dusted for fingerprints. Police advised management to contact them if they had any additional information.

-- Officers arrested three men wanted for the shooting of a three year old. The men had unsuccessfully attempted to carjack the child's relative, and as he was attempting to flee the scene, they began firing shots at the car. One of the bullets went through the trunk and into the backseat, where it struck the child. Detectives interviewed the driver when he brought the child to the hospital. The investigation is ongoing.

-- A woman called police in reference to a person with a gun. She told officers that while she was stopped at a traffic light, a white sedan pulled up next to her and the father of some of her children got out and approached the passenger side where her male companion was seated. The man pulled out a gun and cocked the hammer, asking the passenger "what you gonna do?" She told police she suspected the man was jealous of her relationship. She was advised on safety procedures, given a CRN and given information about safe shelter.