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Double crossed
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A woman stopped at a precinct to file a complaint about credit fraud.

The woman had been incarcerated for several weeks earlier this year and had released her belongings to her cell mate’s mother with the agreement that the mother would withdraw $120 from her bank account. The mother would then deposit $100 into the woman’s account at the jail, and keep $20 for herself.

The woman said that the money had never been deposited into her account at the jail, and that when she got out, she discovered that $425 had been withdrawn from her account, and the account had been closed. The information was forwarded to financial crimes detectives.

• A man flagged down an officer on patrol to report items that had been taken from a property he owns. He told the officer that he allowed a woman he knew to stay at one of his properties for a few months without paying rent while she got back on her feet. The man had to serve an eviction to the woman via the Sheriff’s Department because she refused to leave at the end of the agreed upon time. When the man went by the property, a few days after the eviction papers had been delivered, he found that the front door had been left wide open, the back door had been kicked in and several appliances had been taken, along with furniture and other household goods belonging to him. She still has a key to the property, and the owner said he believes she may try to come back for the rest of the items.

• An officer responded to a call from a familiar residence where he’s been “numerous times,” usually “around 21:00 or later.” The caller stated that he wants his ex–wife out of his house. The officer noted that he had been drinking, and appears to suffering from the early stages of either Alzheimer’s or dementia, which is exacerbated by the alcohol. Upon arriving at the scene, the officer asked the man to show him his medications. They walked into the living room and the man pulled out his wallet and handed him ID. The officer asked why he did that, and the man said because he asked him to. The officer reported that he had never asked for ID. The officer expressed concern that if the man’s ex–wife doesn’t come around, there will be no one to cook and clean for the elderly gentleman. Both parties were given a CRN card.

• An officer stopped to conduct a follow up investigation at a home that had been previously cited for animal neglect and tethering. The judge who’d heard the case requested the officer stop by to ensure the owner’s compliance. When the officer arrived, he spoke with the owner. In the backyard, the officer found that two dogs were still tied to a fence, as they had been when the man was first cited. Neither animal had food, only one dog had some form of shelter, and their water was unsanitary. When the officer mentioned the ongoing infractions, the owner began to yell that he didn’t have time and the police needed to stop bothering him. The officer explained that the situation could be rectified very easily, and once it was, he wouldn’t have to come back any more. The owner continued yelling as the officer walked back to his car. The officer turned back and the man yelled “You’re not touching me over no bull,” and then ran off. Officers were advised, and apprehended the man at  Victory and Drayton. He was arrested for obstruction and animal cruelty.