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Driving him crazy
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Officers who were called to a residence on Shad Road on a report of an accident with injuries found a man who apparently had been struck by a car.

When they arrived at the scene, paramedics were treating the man for severe intoxication and superficial scrapes. He was unresponsive due to his level of intoxication and would only scream obscenities when asked questions about what had happened.

The man was transported to Memorial Health for treatment. The officers spoke with the home owner, who said she wasn’t sure what had happened because she was in bed asleep when the incident occurred.

A second woman said she was told that the victim had been struck by a car driven by a woman he had been riding with. She said the couple had been fighting and the man was trying to walk away from the house when the woman followed him in her car. The woman had left the scene when police arrived. A car with what appeared to be fresh damage on the right front quarter panel was sitting in the driveway.

The witness stated that it was the car the woman had been driving. She also said that the woman had been driving the car earlier in the night with the man as a passenger.

She said a group of people had been at a bar earlier and the man was heavily intoxicated. The officer went to Memorial Health to attempt to talk with the victim and was able to ask him what happened.

He said that he had been arguing with the woman and that she had hit him with her car. He was very uncooperative and had to be told several times to stop screaming obscenities.

The officer learned that the woman had gone to St. Joseph Hospital for treatment for injuries from an assault. He went to that hospital to speak with the woman, who told him she had been driving the group of people earlier that evening.

• A Horton Street resident told police she had kicked her son out of her house that morning, but returned to find her front door kicked in and her son asleep inside. The woman said she kicked her son out of the house again and called police. She said that her son has a key to the door, but not to the deadbolt lock, which she had locked before leaving. She said she needed a police report about the incident to turn into her landlord. She was told about warrant procedures, and given a case report number card.

• An East 54th Street resident told police she was threatened with a broken beer bottle.

The woman said her brother had just died, and her nephew had come to see her. During their conversation, the nephew told the woman, “I just hope you know how to behave.”

She said she took exception to the remark, and the two began arguing. She said she told her nephew that it was disrespectful for him to speak to his aunt that way.

The man then broke a beer bottle and threatened to cut her with the broken part of the bottle. The woman’s son witnessed the incident, and told police he saw the suspect holding the bottle while he was talking with the boy’s mother.

The boy said he was certain the man had been drinking. He said the man had broken the bottle in the roadway, then said, “I’ll cut your mother’s f--king head off right now.”

• Police checked an abandoned house on West 61st Street. They knocked on the door and got no answer, but could hear someone inside. The window was up, so one of the officers moved the curtain aside and saw three people, two men and a woman, sitting on chairs around a coffee table.

An officer asked them why they were in an abandoned house that had no water or electricity, and told them to open the door. As the door opened, the officer told them to step outside and produce a form of identification. The woman had been found in the house previously and told in September that no one was supposed to be there. One of the men refused to provide a name or any information so he was taken into custody.

As the police entered the house, a third man came out from a bedroom. He couldn’t justify his reason for being there and was also taken into custody and charged with criminal trespass. Three white rocks were found on the coffee table and one tested positive for crack cocaine. The other two were candle wax.